Monday, October 12, 2009

for hope

We just returned from Savannah for our friend Hope's wedding. It was so beautiful and special and we were so happy to be a part of her big day.

I didn't take any pictures...not one.

To make up for it, maybe I'll show you just a little of what I made Hope for her present. I haven't given it to her yet so I can't show more than this until I do.

It was a very, very long trip by car but Alfredo did surprisingly well. He did say "I tired of being in the car" about a thousand and one times but, really, what can you expect from a two year old. Next time, we'll definitely fly.

Today Rich is off and we're enjoying some nice family time. Well, at the time being, Alfredo is kind of bossing Rich around and Rich isn't liking it very much. I think we need to take a family walk. I'll try to post again tomorrow.


Jill said...

You've just gotta' love a 2 year old, eh? Actually, I adore them!
I don't know what your creation for Hope is, but I can tell that it will be lovely-- and it will mean the world to her because you made it especially for her.

icandy... said...

so far, the gift sneak~peek looks just beautiful....can't wait to see the whole surprise!!! :)

Suz said...

Sigh...that gift looks so beautiful. You are a good friend.

Seitvonzu said...

we've taken lots of long car trips with our toddler... we actually drove 16 hours to my parents- that was CRAZY. but the toddler did way better than her parents! we should have flown for US :) did you take a dvd player? we borrowed one and that was helpful. we did lots of books. and bags with pockets. i bought a little kid gardening tote and filled the pockets with all sorts of new stuff. she liked exploring that. she also had a diaper bag for her baby doll and played with that alot. feeding the baby, taking care of the baby. and snacks. lots of new snacks. novelty over nutrition! another thing lu reallyreally liked were mini twisty crayons by crayola. they come in a package of 24 and it was really fun her to take them out and put them back in the package. i bought them because i didn't want melting... but something about them was really captivating to her-- she drew with them a long time too. and FOAMIES. oh my dear lord. if you can tolerate the mess- lucy got really into peeling off the backs and played with these things for an hour the first time i gave them to her. holymoly!

i'm sure you were very creative too. i'd love to hear any of your "tricks " :) this christmas we are going back, but flying. that should be way easier!