Monday, August 4, 2008

20 answers: no. 1

This is really 3 questions...but it'll all count for the first one.
{Questions from Megan}

How come you never reply when I email you - I have had a card addressed to you in my desk for months and I don't know where to send it??
A. I have a serious email issue. I often don't get emails from people. And sometimes they don't get emails from me. I can't get any help from Yahoo because they can't "recreate the problem". I don't know what else to do so I'm just ignoring the problem. I do, however, have a new email. I'm breaking it down in code here because I don't want to be spammed by spamming machines asking me to increase the size of a body part I don't even have. (I'd really love to see the thesaurus those machines use...very creative!) At any rate, the email you should use is: my company name, all spelled out, edited to add: I hope you understand I'm not comfortable leaving my home address here on the blog but, if you email me, I'll happily give it to you.
Q. My real question is - if you are a vendor at Silver Bella this year what will you be making to sell?
A. This year I decided to sit vendor night out. It was, as you might remember, an incredible amount of work. I think I might have burned out the whole sugarville house factory because, you probably noticed, I've since not made many new properties. Also, I'm looking forward to going and just being a participant. Lots less pressure and hassle.
Q. Also since there was no Paris Flea Market this year - will you be doing any other local events? That will really make me happy.
A. I haven't planned anything but that's not to say it won't happen. But there will be more Amy-made things in the shop soon, including the most delicious Sugarville houses, some of them mansions!

p.s. Keep the questions coming! Post them under the 20 questions post below.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried hotmail? I used to have the same problems with Yahoo and have since switched to hotmail.

I enjoy reading your q&a!☼

Anonymous said...

As I read this you have still not answered Megan's question. She has a card--it's got your name on it in her desk--she is waiting to SEND it to you! Doesn't this sound like she is referring to regular mail?? Perhaps you have a P.O. box like other blogger/ sellers do?? Gosh, help this girl sounds like she wants to do something nice for you!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't usually do this but: Marie, go back up and reread the answer to Megan's question. It's been answer in full. All she has to do is send her an email and she will reply with an address.

Anonymous said...

WOW - YOU answered my questions first! I feel so honored - I of course completely understand yahoo and their lacking - I blogged about that the other day.

I would never ever want you to put your addy on the net!!

Marie - Amy and I are pretty friendly, we have met in person, we have connected on a couple of projects and she has helped me out a ton and I was half teasing her when I asked!! I'm pretty sure she knew that too!

Like the kids say - it's all good!

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy: I am really new to blogging so I'm not sure if this where I am supposed to leave my question, but here goes. When you started your business did you follow all the rules: A business plan, financing in place, all the i's dotted? I want to start a little store on etsy and ebay and it is all a little overwhelming. I love your store-it is inspiring- Vivienne said...

I'm sorry to hear that you won't have a booth at Silver Bella this year, yours was a delight to see.