Monday, August 4, 2008

20 answers: no. 2

{Question from Janis}
Q. Hi Amy, What is your favorite meal that you cook for dinner?
A. Lately, my favorite thing to do is get kabobs from Whole Foods (already assembled) and fire up the grill. I make couscous and toss a fresh salad and dinner's ready in a flash. I think Rich is getting tired of this but it is just perfect, in my eyes. Not much mess in the kitchen, quick, easy, and fresh.

I know it's a bit of a cheat to buy the kabobs already assembled, but when you're just cooking for 2 1/2 it doesn't make much sense to make them yourself. And I can get two kabobs for about $4.


Whosyergurl said...

YAY for me! First comment!

My favorite meal right now, for summer is pasta. I make 3 cups of twirly tomato, spinich, plain pasta and in a big skillet, I cook whatever we have- pesto or chunk tomatoes- ground sausage or link sausage - mushrooms, squash, zuchinni. It is cool, fresh wonderful. And just before serving, I add garbanzo beans- yum. No one is tired of it, yet.

AND, Amy, I'm getting a new Corgi and naming her Chelsea Kabob because she will be my little kabob! :-)
xo, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Amy, your kabob dinner sounds
wonderful! Yum! : )
Have a safe trip to S.F.

Paper Relics said...

oooh! My favorite too - and I mean when YOU cook it...
Can we have this next week when I visit?