Thursday, October 4, 2007

Boy oh boy, do I ever love this new show. Did you catch it? I loved the supersaturated colors and the silliness of it. It was, as Rich said, a bit on the corny side. But I ate it all up and asked for seconds. Yummideyumyum. More please.

I have just about a million things to do today. I need to work on my sugary village (which is coming along quite nicely...some of the best houses I've ever made, I must say!) And I have an idea that I need to flesh out for how to display them at Silver Bella. Plus, I need to pay bills and go to the bank (in reverse order actually)

Also I need to make a trip to the Cottage. Did you know they are having a whopper of a sale this weekend? Yessiree bob. I need to tidy up my room and post a little sign saying everything in my room is 20% off.

I'd better get cracking. Shower first. Then I need to make a quick trip to Michael's and it's to work on the houses. Truth be told, there's nothing I love better than making these houses.

Oh, and guess what, my little pretties?! Halloween Charm Bracelets by Melissa are probably coming in TODAY. How fun is that?! I know a bunch of you have emailed me asking when more will come in. If they come today, I'm hoping I'll get a chance to put them up by tonight. Otherwise, look for them tomorrow.


Wendy Updegraff said...

WOW, too funny. I was going to post today about how much I love this new show, glad to see someone else is fav shows always end up canceled because no one watches. Good luck today getting everything you need to get done.

a pink-bee said...

We watched the show too- and loved it! How sweet how they held their own hand thinking of the other! :)
Have a fun day :)

Cindy said...

OK, so thier are four of us that like the show. LOL. I loved the look of it, so over the top. And yes, sweet, but what a nice change. I hope it sticks around.

dahlias said...

I was completely surprised at how much I enjoyed this show....its great and that makes 5...please please please say its gonna stay!

Anonymous said...

I love this new show! For all the reasons you point out, plus the narration is great too. Pushing Daisies is sweet and delicious. I can't wait for more. More, more, more!