Wednesday, April 18, 2007

thinking blog awards...

Thank you to everyone who included me on their thinking blog list. I'm really so tickled that you like reading my blog and that you come back regularly for more.

All of my favorite blogs are listed on the right so instead of listing five of them, I thought I'd find 5 new blogs to introduce us to...

Lauren Mumford I'm as pleased as punch that Lauren is back at it online. She's a fountain of inspiration and makes such lovely things.

Tammy Gilley I don't know why I didn't add Tammy's blog to my blogroll earlier. You'll go ga-ga for the things she makes...she's the kind of person I wish lived next door.

Miz Smoochie Lips She has a really fun, wonderful, and sometimes wild sense of humor.

Elizabeth House Her blog offers eye-candy lots of invaluable advice for budding business owners. Love her style!

Secret Leaves Check their blog today to see some behind the scenes action for the beautiful books they made for us.


macati said...

thanks for the so different blogs you showed! they are interesting.

Tammy said...

Sweet Amy! If you and I only did live next door to each other!! What glittery, rosy, giggly times we would have. Thanks so much for your mention of my little blog. I feel very honored to have been noticed by the Queen of Sweetness. xoxotg

cruststation said...

So many wonderful links to explore, congrats on being nominated.

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Inspireco,
YOU are such a sweet and lovely adorably precious doll!

I am jumping up and down trying not to splash my coffee on the keys while singing "she likes me! She likes me! she really really likes me!"

*wink* What a sweet way to start off the Manical Monday - I am honored!
Smoochie Lips