Monday, April 16, 2007

back to normal

We delivered Seth back home safely yesterday. Things are back to normal around here, if a little on the quiet side.

Every waking moment with Seth was filled to the rim with chatter. He even talked in his sleep! And he would say funny little things with his funny little voice. I miss him.

I'm spending this morning catching up on office work. I have a precarious pile of papers on my desk. I'll sort and stash and trash until I can see the surface of the desk again.

Once that's conquered, I really need to focus on preparing for the Paris Flea Market at The Cottage...

I'm getting really excited about the Paris Flea Market...It is going to be incredibly fun!


Cupcake said...

There is something about those sweet little voices that seeps into your heart. Well until the turn into WHINING voices - like when the ice cream truck passes by the house OH SO SLOWLY!!!

cruststation said...

Aww, I bet Seth misses you too! Love these to do lists, they show exciting things to come :)

Cherry Menlove said...

Seth is the cutest boy in the world, no wonder you miss him and his midnight natterings. I'm sure that once you have gotten everything prepared for the Paris flea market your creations will go down a storm. A storm I tell you!!

Love Cherry xx