Monday, April 9, 2007

chuck e. cheese

Day One of Seth and Amy's Big Adventure: Chuck E. Cheese.

There is a SpongeBob Square Pants "game" at Chuck E. Cheese where you basically feed it tokens and hope that it lands on the green square. If it does land on the green square, you get 50 tickets. For some reason, out of all of the other flashing, whirling, jiggling, and screaming games, this quiet little pint sized slot machine was Seth's favorite. We spent probably half of his 40 tokens (4 for $1) on this particular machine.

His second favorite thing to feed tokens to is a ride which simulates a rollercoaster ride which I could ride with him. I think he liked it for precisely that reason.

He was so happy to be there. He mostly ran from machine to dazzling machine giggling and twirling. He was just so cute.

Now he's watching cartoons, chuckling along with both hands behind his head and his little knees crossed. And he just said that he wants me to come lay beside him and play with his hair.

I really don't know how much work I'll manage to get done this week with this cute little distraction around. Have I ever told you what a funny little Southern accent he has?

Okay, I need to tomorrow, I promise.


By the time I published this post, this is how I found Seth.


updycrafts said...

Have a great week this week, by the time the week is over, I bet you will look just like Seth does in this picture! Have FUN!

June said...

What an adorable picture of Seth! I really think you deserve a medal for willingly accompanying him to Chuck E. Cheese. That place confuses me with all the noise and rambunctiousness. I guess my noise tolerance is declining as I get older. Then again, it may be because my poor husband now has to wear a hearing aid which means the TV volume is super high which is making me crazy. By the way, the Easter basket you put together for him is fabulous.

Christiane said...

What an adorable photo! What a great Auntie you are! I bet he loved that fantastic basket you made for him. I hope you have a wonderful week together.

jess said...

Awww... Seth must be having the time of his little life!

Cupcake said...

He is adorable and sounds as cute as he looks. I wish I lived close to you I know two, three year old girls who would love to have a play date! :-) Maybe he could even teach them how to talk "southern"!

moderncountry said...

Lovely picture of Seth :) And i love the Toile de Jouy Fabric at the background ! Have a great week :) Greetings from Aina, Wave!

Tiffany said...

God bless you! LOL... I went to see ol' Chucky this past week with my four girls and by the end of lunch I was a sweaty, frazzled mess! Tee hee... you seem to have survived much better than myself!

enjoy him... he sure looks like a sweetie!

Alicia P. said...

Jeesh. What a doll.