Wednesday, January 10, 2007

a hundred wishes

Do you remember when 100 was the highest number you knew? "I wish I had a hundred dollars" or, better yet, "I wish I had a hundred wishes!"

Well, then, here they are for you. One hundred wishes on a roll.

Keep your roll next to a mason jar and make a new tradition for your family. When anyone wants anything, and if they've been particularly good, maybe they get a chance for a wish to come true. They tear off a wish, write what it is they desire upon the back, and then place it in the jar.

And, then (this part is entirely up to you) when you are feeling generous and happy with the wisher's behavior, you can fish out a wish or two and go about making it come true.

A hundred wishes is too many for me today. But if I had just three wishes, here's what they'd be:

1. The mess that accumulated whilst I convalesced is magically sorted, straightened, vacuumed, tossed, and swept Bewitched style.

2. My cupboards are full of interesting ingredients to make fabulous dinners for the balance of the week.

3. I had the company of you to join me for a cup of tea, a cute little cake, and delicious conversation laced with plans for the one hundred wishes coming our way.

Get your wishes here and meet me for tea in an hour. I'll do my best to clean the hundred little messes all around but especially by the sofa.


Kim in Carlsbad said...

Count me in for tea my little friend! I am glad you are feeling better and also glad you had a great time with your sisters in NY. I was fortuante enough to have time with my sisters this holiday season too. Take care and happy new year.

Diane said...

I think I just need wish #1. We joke at work if you could have magic powers what would you want - some want to be invisible, others super hero strong, me - Bewitched power! Glad you are feeling better.

Heather said...

Oh my gosh! I used these tickets to make 57 bridal shower favors and posted it on my blog yesterday. Since then I have had so many emails wondering where to get them. (I live in SoCal) I'm so glad I can send them to you to get all their Wishes granted!

joleen said...

this is so cute! :)

teresa said...


Anonymous said...

I loved this idea! it's so sweet!
bye, manela

eb said...

what a wonderful blog I love the pink pompoms and the little make-n-take - what a delight - come and visit me anytime - eb.