Friday, February 11, 2011


I had so much fun making these heart cutouts the other day! (Jone Hallmark shares her pattern for making them in the magazine.)

I'm not very good at delicate paper cutting so it helped me to use very thin paper like these dictionary pages. And I found that exquisite pink flocked scrapbook paper (Anna Griffin) and was so tickled with how it looked. It's a thinner paper too so it was fairly easy to make the cuts. 
Look what a lovely garland connecting three or more makes:

And I tried making a 3-d ornament by gluing the folds of three's a little flimsy so maybe using thicker paper would be better for this...and then you could sew the centers together. Anyway, I thought it might spark some inspiration:

While I was working on these fun things, Alfredo was quietly working on his "secret project"...

Do you see this craziness? 
He covered his remote control Mater with a pile of stickers. 

Dozens of stickers layered on top of each other. 

(Stickers we'd been saving for a sticker album)


cbryan said...

My daughter covers everything with stickers like that! I've got to hide my good ones or they'll end up in a stack, most likely on her face :)

Leanne said...

i was a bit of a control freak when it came to my kids' stickers. what the heck was my problem?...stickers are for sticking!! hahaha...i'll bet he's darn proud of himself!

Diane Mars said...

Our grand LOVES stickers and yes she likes to plant them everywhere, I think his project is quite colorful. Hugs from Diane in California

Heidi ~ Inspired Nest said...

hi amy ~

once again, the mag is lovely! just in time too, i'm having friends over to make valentines in my studio tonight. i think i'll shrink the cutout template for tiny cards ~ fun!

hugs ~
xo heidi

Cherie Wilson said...

Are you serious? Is this a Tow-mater? Eeek! I really miss not ever having a boy! Such a treat to see you and your antics with your son, Amy. Thank you so much for sharing your other precious baby~ Inspired Ideas with us. You are a treasure! It is just adorable and inspiring for sure! Giving a shout out at my blog as well! XO

Sharon Stanley said...

fun times! painting valentines was a great idea and tons of fun too i'm sure....and those cut outs turned out so have such fun ideas and alfredo looks like he is lovin' it too!

Leslie Brier, Brier Design Studio said...

He's an assemblage artist! It reminds me of the time Sylvan covered the bottom of my paper cutter with a whole book of stickers - they were postage stamps! Two of them are permanently stuck on there. I get 88 cents worth of happy memories every time I look at it. :)