Wednesday, February 9, 2011

off the cuff giveaway!

The challenge:
Cut off the cuffs
of a button-down-type shirt
(search your goodwill pile)
decorate to your heart's content
instant cuff bracelet

How much fun is that? 

I sent the challenge to my artist friends and just look at the fabulous results:

I really love Lesa Dailey's interpretation. Holy cow! It's beautiful.

created these beautiful cuffs. Look how fabulous!

Look how pretty Karla's is.

Leslie Brier and her sweet daughter Sylvan created these sweet cuffs.

my friend Lorraine made this frilly one! so much fun.

Lynn was on a roll and created 3 cuffs. 
This one she calls "love you to pieces"

Claudine made this lovely one. 
Don't you love the crinkled tulle? 
Just hit it quickly with a heat gun and it's like magic.

Stephanie's twist on the challenge was to use a 
cuff from a jean cool is that?

Pam, my friend, editting-machine, & photographer, made this pretty cuff.

And I just love this delicate beauty by Julie Collings. Don't you?

You do? 

Well then, I have great news...

it could be yours! 

Just leave a comment below and I'll draw a winner Friday morning, 10 am EST. 

This cuff challenge project was created for and featured in
the spring 2011 issue of inspired ideas
it's only $3.30...what are you waiting for?


Sharon Stanley said...

i loved the cuffs and was "inspired" to save a cuff and try one myself....but....this is far better (not to mention finished) and would be a pleasure to sport...thanks for the chance.

The French Bear said...

Love the cuffs! I did get my ebook, thank it, I am so inspired by your ideas!!!
Margaret B

Bryanna Lenan said...

Pick me! Pick me!! Lovely cuff... and as always lots of inspiration!

You rock, Amy! And so do you your friends!


Unknown said...

oh I'd love a cuff! But is one cuff enough? I'll have to make my own as well!

Beautiful work from all these artists!

marie said...

I'd love to win the cuff and I love my Spring issue of "inspired ideas" ~ my link arrived yesterday! This issue (like the others) makes me smile!

Thank you Amy.

Debby said...

The cuffs are so a cute idea. I love all the different ones.r

Angie in AZ said...

Oh my gosh! When I saw the "blank cuff" at the beginning of the post, inspiration hit like a ton of bricks for not for anything remotely what your post was about! Not something to wear at all! But OH MY GOSH...I can't wait to get to Goodwill now!

Babsarella said...

Love this FANTASTIC idea!!!

Jeanie said...

That is a really neat idea! I love the verity,and how you can see personalities come out!

Shelly Cook Rawlins said...

Love what you do! So inspiring and wonderful.

The cuffs are giving me ideas to make of my own...just too many ideas going through my head.

Catherine said...

Oh Amy,
What a clever idea and all of the cuffs are wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us and of course, I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

Unknown said...

I'd love to win. In the meantime, my husband has an awful lot of blue dress shirts, I wonder if he would miss one or two . . .

Nelly said...

What an terrific idea!!! I loved seeing cuffs but didn't attempt before but now with the recycle idea from shirts, wow. Excellent idea. I just love a quick, easy idea like that and can be gorgeous at the same time. Thanks for the idea and for the giveaway chance.


Anonymous said...

Oh Amy, I just spent the best hour oohing and aahing over the new issue. It is a work of art, and what a bargain too. I can't wait for the next one!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh....these are all FABULOUS! would love to win one!


Heidi said...

Hi Amy!
I post MY cuff today! Check it out:

I'd love to win YOUR cuff-thanks for the chance! I am loveing the Spring issue!!!! It rocks!

Hugs, Heidi

katiegirl said...

Cute cuffs, especially the denim one!

Vintage Flair said...

They are all so wonderful!

Lynne said...

So fun to see all the different artist's take on the same project!

Unknown said...

GORGEOUS display of cuffs! YES! I would LOVE to win! Thank you for offering this giveaway. :)

Jess said...

these are amazing! wow!

Evelyn said...

LOVE the cuffs. Would be thrilled to win.

Trish said...

I love this idea!! I'm off to look in the closets ;)

Jan said...

I love every cuff..I've got to try this myself!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! These are so cute! I can't wait to check out the magazine. You are amazing - you always have been!

Kelly K

Alexis said...

I just love this!! It's even in my wedding colors, which I still adore!

tamdoll said...

Wow. I love this idea. My husband gives me his torn and worn out shirts to use as lining in bags so I know I have a few cuffs around here someplace! Inspiring!

debi said...

These cuffs are all SO amazing!!

I LOVE, LOVE the latest issue of Inspired Ideas! They just keep getting better! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

MoniCue said...

Why yes, I would love to wear that! And, I have been looking to make time for quite awhile to create something similar to the "Love you to Pieces" cuff...I have lovely lace scraps just awaiting.

Anonymous said...

What a great post! My friends Karla and Lynn were both posting on their blogs about this so how cool when I came to yours to see ALL the cuff creations! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing! --Megan

jackie said...

How amazing are these beautiful cuffs! Thanks Amy!

The Junque Seeker said...

I love all of these! Hope I'm the lucky one!

Janelle said...

Hi Amy,
I love the challenge you gave your friends... so inspiring... I especially love Julie's cuff! Hope to win!

life in red shoes said...

MY MIND IS SPINNING! In a good way:)

Marla Kellman said...

Such a simple idea and yet, look at the gorgeous results! Well done, ladies.

valerie said...

I love them all! The blue cuff reminds me of Julie. Thank you for the chance to win this beauty. I just love the new issue of Inspired ideas! Valerie

Anonymous said...

I bought your magazine and love it! I'm going to try my hand at making a cuff, but it would sure be fun to win one!

Susan V.

Becky Garrison said...

Oh, I just love this idea! In fact, I loved it so much I made one myself - you can find it here > > >

But I'd still love to win the one you are giving away - those colors are just beautiful!

Thanks so much for keeping all the wonderful inspiration coming, Becky G. in GA

LindaSonia said...

Am loving all these gorgeous cuffs!!

Lila Rostenberg said...

Making your cuffs could be a really fun project for our creative craft group's Valentine "meeting"!
Thanks for the idea!

Unknown said...

Love the cuffs! They are so beautiful.

Samantha said...

Oooh...I would love a chance to win this pretty! Thank you! Love the new many great ideas!

Anonymous said...

The easter basket on the front page reminds of Club Little House. Happy Spring to you and yours.

Jill said...

Love this idea, and all the fun variations! The giveaway cuff is gorgeous~ such soft shades of blue... sigh...

Suzanne said...

Wow! So beautiful and very creative!

Pink Princess said...

Now THAT;s an awesome idea to use-up old shirts ♥ LOVE the cuff, please enter me as well.

Hugs from Marian

Amy said...

OMG. That is the best idea ever! I'm heading over to buy a copy of Inspired Ideas RIGHT NOW! It's soooo pretty! Enter me!

Jessica said...

Everything is so gorgeous and inspiring. Gotta pull out my old t-shirts and get cracking.

Shane Pollard said...

Thank you Amy - that's such a sweet cuff of Julie's.
I'm just going to order my copy of 'Inspired Ideas'.

Tammy @ said...

What a gorgeous cuff. Amy, th magazine is amazing!

Best wishes,

Susan said...

Fabulous idea and great samples!

Jennifer said...

Wow. I love this idea. My husband gives me his torn and worn out shirts to use as lining in bags so I know I have a few cuffs around here someplace! Inspiring!