Wednesday, February 23, 2011


 Look how sweet! Monica aka The Happy Zombie sent me this adorable needlebook (it's the project she did for my magazine!) (psssst...Monica just revealed her new line of fabrics to be launched later this gotta see it!)
And look at the amazing necklace that Leslie sent me. It's also a project featured in the magazine and I think it's ingenius! It's made from a tiny vintage salt shaker...the best part? You can unscrew the bottom (top?) and keep a treasure inside! Love it!

Find detailed directions for both projects in the spring issue of inspired ideas. It's practically free...$3.30! That's not a latte!

And here's something I made for my friend Melissa. She asked 18 others to make 6" x 6" heart pages and she's going to stitch them together to make a fabulous "paper quilt" for her bedroom wall. Isn't that fun? Her birthday was on Valentine's day and this is a part of her celebration... I can't wait to see it all put together!


Tammy Gilley said...

loving your heart! i'm making one for melissa, too. must get that finished this weekend. xo

Susan Houseman said...

I absolutely adore this handbag and I like the project with the village house, it's so sweet. I'm so glad I read Koralee's post about your website. susan

Suz said...

Oh, Amy. Such fun treats! Time to go read the book again. It is so long and so colorful...made with joy!

Love that heart and I must go check out who this lucky Melissa is!!!

Love and hugs,

Sheila Rumney said...

Amy, I just have to say I love your Spring Inspired Ideas! It is filled to the brim with wonderful goodness!

Robb Tpage said...

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