Tuesday, December 15, 2009

how can it be?

I really don't know how it snuck up like it did...
I've been counting down the days...
And paying close attention. But still, I can't believe Christmas Day is next week! How can that be?

We went to see Santa again today. It's a long story but I just really wanted him to see the really, really special Santa at the nice mall. He has a real beard and he calls each child by name. When the visit is over, Santa takes out his big book and makes a note next to each child's name. And this year, believe it or not, as each child leaves, they make it snow, REAL snow! It's so magical.

Alfredo told this Santa that he wanted a mama dinosaur and a papa dinosaur and two baby dinosaurs. Last week he told Santa that he wanted the Hot Wheels Color Change Garage. And even though everyone rated it as a piece of junk, I got it for him. I also got a roller coaster. Yes, you read it right. A Roller Coaster.
I'm just really glad he's not still asking for a REAL hippo or a REAL rhino or a REAL pony like he was earlier this month.

Today's matchbox is by Vicki Flinchum and it's so beautiful...

The photo of what's inside doesn't do it justice (my camera is acting up!)

And today's door reveals a little angel...again sorry about the quality of the photo.


Pansy Cottage Girl said...
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Pansy Cottage Girl said...

I love how you embrace the little things in life. Alfredo looks so cute in his santa suit.

The French Bear said...

Oh Amy, every box is such a delight, how wonderful they are!!! All of you ladies did such an awesome job making them.
I love the little man in his red suit!
You are such a beautiful Momma, Alfredo is having so many memories each day to tuck away and think of in years to come!
Margaret B

bugamingo said...

amy, i just love hearing about sweet alfredo and all of the "little" things you do for him. you have made his life so special and he will never forget all of the traditions and experiences you have given him. what a lucky kid to have you to love him. give him lots of christmas kisses from all of your friends out here in the blogospere!

Amy M. said...

That Santa sounds amazing! As for the roller coaster, I am buying that same rollercoaster for Noodlebug! Great minds think alike!

Crafting by Candlelight

Susan at Charm of the Carolines said...

Amy, I just love your website! What a sweet, quick respite in the middle of a busy, hectic day.

I love this life, too!

Susan at Charm of the Carolines

Chloescottage said...

Dear Amy,we sure have love keeping up with you through your wonderful blog.It sure looks like your going to have a wonderful Christmas.I had a quick question for you about getting comments off your blog when they are in another language.If you have a minute maybe you could leave a little note on my blog.Thanks Phil

ScrapAddict said...

Thank you Amy for showing off all those little creations.....each one is a masterpiece! Happy Holidays!

mo said...

Hot Wheels aren't the best quality but the kids don't care- they have so much fun with them so I wouldn't worry what other folks rated it. One gift we gave to our son when he was about five and my nephew when he was three is the Geo Trax. The tracks are nice and chunky and easy for little hands to do and the trains are really cute too. We got more use out of that set. Everyone who came over loved it too. If you need any more gift ideas, that is a favorite.

Barbara Jean said...

all so sweet!

I don't know where you all find these little tiny things, although i guess i do make a few things myself that might work.
Hey, I'm getting excited about this.
Think it is too early to start for next year?

I have enjoyed my visit here.


barbara jean