Friday, December 4, 2009


One of my very favorite Christmas decorations is this nativity set. Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus were carved by my sweet father. He made each of my sisters and brother a set. I love everything my daddy makes but this especially. The shepherd, sheep, cow and donkey are all old chalkware pieces from The Cottage. The above picture is what it's supposed to look like. I showed it to Alfredo telling him the amazing story of our Lord's birth. He listened carefully.

Soon after I found him quietly playing...
Just look at the party gathered to welcome Baby Jesus! Yes, that is Spiderman! And he's always tipping the poor baby Jesus' cradle up. When Rich was little his mother said that Baby Jesus was always missing...and then she'd find it in someone's pocket or another's bookbag.

There's a tradition of waiting to put Jesus out until Christmas day...building up the anticipation for His coming. But I really love having it all set up.

Are you ready for the advent countdown. We're already on Day golly! How did that happen?

This beautiful matchbox was made by my sweet new friend Lynn Lebsack.

Just look how beautiful this mini ornament is...

So special!

And here's what's behind door #4 today...

We might get snow tomorrow! Just an inch but, to me, that's perfect. Not enough to get in the way but just enough to make you feel extra warm and cozy looking out at it coming down. This will be Alfredo's first snow so it will be extra special.

Happy day, my friend!


Seitvonzu said...

i love the menagerie (especially the giraffe) and that a super hero has come to visit jesus! my little lucy has been playing with her playmobil nativity scene nonstop and yesterday afternoon i found her "washing baby jesus." she was basically dunking the poor little figure into the large golden goblet that the kings bring him. she then took mary's headcovering and put baby jesus in the "hoodie towel." sweet toddlers! such a blessing! i'm glad we put baby jesus out because he's really helped her connect to the whole set. your carved figures are beautiful and look quite sturdy! looks like alfredo is really getting into the wonder of the season.we are also on snow watch! i'm with you on it being "enough" but not too much. enjoy your weekend!

melissadc76 said...

I'm just loving seeing the matchboxes, ornaments and door openings every day. Thanks so much for sharing!

miss lynn said...

aaaahhhhhh! hello amy!
i love it that you
like my advent contribution!!
what a treat to see it
on your world famous blog!!
i'm smiling so big!
i have to tell you, we
are nativity crazy around here.
beatrice will seriously
play for HOURS with the
little people and animals.
doesn't it just totally melt
your heart???? precious.
happy day.

Jill said...

I love watching little kids play with a nativity. My mom has always had a "touchable" nativity at kids eye-level at Christmas. We'd never know where we'd find lil'Jesus each time we walked by!

I'm so totally lovin' your advent calendars. Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us!


Suz said...

I love seeing these each day! Precious Number 21 arrived today! More on that later.


Meg said...

My mother started a wonderful tradition in our family growing up, and I have carried it on with my own children. The day we set up the Christmas tree, Mary and Joseph and the donkey start their long journey from the dining room. Each day they move a little closer to the manger,completing their travels on Christmas morning when baby Jesus is found in the manger among the shepherds, wisemen (there are early!), and the animals. It keeps the children involved in the wonderful reason for the season!

Gina @ Feather Your Nest said...

I inherited my grandmother's nativity sets--one from Italy and another from Spain. Many are broken and superglued back together because as a child *I* could not keep my hands off of them. Thankfully when my kids were little, I found that Fisher Price made a Little People nativity set and I was able to display my (now cheristhed) sets up high without worrying about my little people wanting to play with them.