Saturday, December 12, 2009

more kits!

I sold out of those ten kits pretty quickly yesterday so I just added 8 more. It will take me a little while longer to get these together, but if you want one, grab one. I'll probably ship them out sometime next week.

Today's matchbox was made by my sweet friend Suz Reaney...
Just look at this darling little angel wing that was found inside...
And today's door...
I have fun news...both my sisters are coming with me to Charlotte's class in New York! We are so excited! We're taking the train (Jennifer from Williamsburg, me from DC, Jessica from Philadelphia) and we're going to plan it so that we are all getting on the same train! Won't that be fun?! And when I was talking to my mother about it this morning, there's a slight chance that I may have talked her into coming too! yay!

Hope you have a really great day! Don't forget to stop and appreciate the wonder of today in all your hustling and bustling to get ready for Christmas. You are only one person and your health and well-being matter. A lot. Take care of yourself. (Just in case you needed to hear that today!)


The French Bear said...

Wow, sounds like a family affair!! You ill all have such fun!
I just ordered one of your sweet kits, I can't wait, it will be such fun to make!
Love the video of Alfredo, he is so darn cute!!!!
Margaret B

The French Bear said...

Oops, I meant to say you will all have fun!!!!

Whosyergurl said...

Love the angel wing!
I want one!
Holiday hugs,

Whosyergurl said...

Love the angel wing!
I want one!
Holiday hugs,

Magridt Gollnick da Luz said...


estou deixando uma mensagem por onde passo e
passei para conhecer esse blog amigo

vai com carinho pois...

virtuais ou não, os amigos chegam para somar, para dividir e compartilhar as coisas bonitas da vida. Pois boas lembranças, são marcantes,e o que é marcante nunca se esquece!
Foi bom ver coisa bonitas por aqui!!

bjs e convido para uma visita!

Jill said...

I'm lovin' those advent calendars! I love the magic and wonder of Christmas...
Hugs, Jill

Alexis said...

*sob* Sold out Again. :-(

Unknown said...

Aww...sold out. That's too bad :(

lauri said...

Any chance we will see these again? I love them.

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Doreen said...

Oh no! I missed the kits both days! I haven't kept up on reading! Dang! Please sell more after Christmas!!
Loving all the pics/videos of Alfredo. And that Santa pic - priceless!!!