Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I made a mistake and showed only the back of the very lovely peacock bag that Constance made...I've corrected it now and wanted to show you just how fabulous it is.
Maybe you'd like to see more of what she made to share...

This doll is really a handbag!

For these and more, visit Constance's inspiredfriends here.
Tonight, I will show you pictures from Silver Bella. Although I have to admit I didn't take any from the actual event. I'm going to try to get some friends to share theirs. (Bellas, if you took some good pictures and you don't mind sharing, can you send them to me? amy (at)
Also, the belated giveaway is forthcoming. Stay tuned.


*~TWo PiXie DoLLs~* said...

That peacock bag is divine! SO beautiful.

Unknown said...

OH! I love Constance's work! The peacock bag is stunning and the doll that is really a handbag is adorable! She is incredibly talented, thoughtful and sweet from what I know of her from blogging.

. said...

Her work is truly incredible.