Wednesday, November 12, 2008

chicken, head, off

What I'm doing today:

  • Getting a haircut

  • Getting my eyebrows shaped

  • Meeting my friend Debbie for lunch

  • Packing

  • Getting orders out

  • Going to the bank

  • Cleaning so the house isn't a complete disaster

Last year, right before Silver Bella, I got my haircut too. It was the worst haircut of my life. I felt like an idiot the whole time. On one side of my head, my hair was all but 2 or 3 inches long...on the other side, up to 7" long. My name is not Cyndi Lauper. The year is not 1985.

(picture from

This year, I hope to be sporting a much cuter, less edgy 'do. Really, there is nothing edgy about me.

I'd better get going. I'll post sneak peeks at my swaps later...if you're in any of my swaps, you should avert your eyes.


Unknown said...

What a fun day you have planned! I wish I had time to get my hair cut and eyebrows shaped. I will MAKE time, next year! :)

Beth said...

hi amy !! i am soo going to miss seeing you this year at the bella - i have to say though i thought your hair was very cute last year !!
anyways, have a blast at silver bella!

Anonymous said...

I think your hair was adorable. And so are YOU!!!
Have Fun with the Bellas!

Jen Kershner said...

My day is much like yours except for the fun parts! I'm so excited to get to Omaha. I'm looking forward to meeting you there. Are you just a vendor this year or are you taking classes too? Jen

Anonymous said...

You're so funny and cute... Hope the haircut wasn't a disaster. Have fantastic time! Wish I could see you there with your beautiful art! hugs, Louisa

Saucy said...

Oh but you look so dang cute, with that haircut anyway! It must be the Sugarville also, I remember when you made that lovely sign.

I am going to post sneak peeks for my swaps too but it won't give tooooo much away. That wouldn't be fun. But it would be just a little fun to get people excited, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

your blog is just so wonderful. i've read it for so long and just come and visit to catch up every now and then. i especially loved reading about your foster child. what a blessing you were and will always be to that little boy. i pray that God continues to bless you and i just had to say, again, (cuz i probably told you this once before) how very much i love reading about your life. better than any ol' magazine! have a great time in nebraska!

Genevieve said...

Passing by via Saucy's introduction. You're such a cutey, who needs courage lookin like ya do? Hehee..

Wonderful blog darlin...just wonderful. (Eva Gabor accent implied)


Dawn said...

Have a wonderful time of it at SB!!!
I'll be looking for photos when you return. One or two, maybe?

Whosyergurl said...

Oh, to be going to Silver Bella! Why are we so hard on ourselves? I can't tell you the times, at work, I go into the restroom and think the very same thing: "I look like an idiot." >sigh<
Hopefully, you'll feel better about yourself this time. You are quite lovely, my friend.
hugs, Cheryl

Jennifer Paganelli said...

I want that wish list..Have fun at Silver Bella my dear...kisses...

Linda Summerfield Crispell said...

I love the look it's very Molly Ringwald in Pretty In Pink,all grown up. Cute outfit too!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know you will have much Good LUCK with Sugarville at the Silver Bella Amy!! For me your hair is beautiful here! Congrats on being in the Country!! You go girl.

See you tomorrow in Cyberspace!
Constance said...

Hmm, hot pink, not edgy? Maybe pastel pink isn't, but your shade was something!