Wednesday, November 19, 2008

jiminy christmas

I'm cleaning out my workroom (I can't really call it my studio in the state it's in now). I'd rather be doing anything else. Just to give you an idea of how bad it is, I would love to have a shovel. That would be the most helpful tool at this point.

I promised myself after Silver Bella I'd tackle that space and make it very clean and organized and pretty. And most of all, child-safe. I need to be able to work in there with a baby safely playing at my feet. (we're hoping to have another friend come stay with us a while as soon as our hearts are healed a bit more)

I think Santa is bringing me a tv to put in there. It'll be nice to have the room prepared for such a nice gift. There's a tv in there now but it's way too huge to be in there. I don't have the real estate for that kind of thing taking up space.

Anway...just in case you were sitting there wondering what Amy Powers is up to today...there you go. Shovelling glitter and buttons and ribbon bits. Backbreaking work.


Wanda said...

Well, if it is good enough for Amy should be good enough for the rest of us. I knew my room was messy, but was totally shocked when I walked in Monday morning...ugh. I should be cleaning, but I just need a little more rest. It was amazing meeting you. You are just the sweetest person. I hope everyone gets to meet you at some point in their life. My life is a little bit better, because of it. Good luck with the cleaning. :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds so familiar! I am trying to shovel my way through my neglected house first, and then I need to move onto my workspace that I can't even walk through :{


Unknown said...

Hey Girl, It's Sandy. We were on the same Silver Bella flights:) Please send me your e-mail address so I can forward you the pic. of you and Hope in front of the plane! It was nice chatting with you!

Anonymous said...

Amy, I just wanted to say it was a true pleasure getting to see and speak with you. You are an inspiration to me always!
xoxo natalea

Anonymous said...

I took a shovel to mine the other day, too! I feel so uninspired when my little studio looks like it did.. it's been months really since I've worked in there. I'm hoping to work on a few Christmas crafts over the next few weeks. I'm so glad that you both are entertaining the thought of another little one... there is always one needing a couple like you!

Saucy said...

Well of all the things a gal could find herself shoveling, glitter and buttons and ribbon bits are best!