Friday, August 3, 2007

way behind and busy as ever

I can really hardly believe that today is friday already. The days just slip through my fingers. Now that my parents and Seth have cleared out, I have a lot of catching up to do.

Club Little House littles are arriving every single day, by the stacks! I'm as happy as Christmas to open them and take a peek at the fantastic detail. I'm finishing up my own batch of littles and it's inspiring to see what others have done.

I'd better get busy with my day. I'll poke in this afternoon to show you some things I've been meaning to show you. Hope your day is fabulous.


Wendy Updegraff said...

WOW- what a great picture, it looks like Santa's workshop!

Junie Moon said...

It all looks so magical--I think I'm as entranced with all the pretty packaging I've been seeing in all the Club Little House postings as I will be with the actual contents.

a pink-bee said...

Such pretty boxes :) What fun :)Thanks, for all the work you are doing for CLH Amy.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh look at all the pretties in the gift wrap station!! Including you Miss Amy! Show us your pretty necklace! Can't wait to see all the CLH goodness. :)

Angela said...

I have to say I love your blog and wish that I were somewhat closer to your area.

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog. You and I are kindred spirits in so many ways. I'm watching out for your next Club Little House sign-ups because I'm so in next time! I love littles but this summer was just too packed. I love your Silver Bella collages- good enough to eat, for sure! You do such beautiful work, but it's not surprising coming from such a beautiful person. Keep blogging!
Susan in Mt. Pleasant, SC