Friday, August 3, 2007

ahhhhh...friday afternoon.

Here are some of the things I want to show you...

My sister Jessica made this purse and cellphone holder for me...don't ya love it? She's only been knitting for about a year and it's really all the girl talks about. She even made up the pattern for the little pouch! Want one? I bet she'll make one for you. I think she's running out of things to thing you know, I bet she'll make toilet paper cosies.

I'm late in sending my things in for the Silver Bella Inspiration Swap. I still have to wrap them up and send them out but I thought you'd like to see.

3 things that I think will inspire my partner...
a fat quarter, an Amy Butler pattern, and a handful of vintage pink buttons

3 things that inspire me...
silver glitter, a jar of ribbons wound on spools, and a box of goodies.

3 things I've had for a while but never used...
a paper flower kit from Paper Source, Frenchy velvet iron-ons, and a sheet of vintage pink flower decals

& something I've made that I think might inspire my partner...
collages made on small stretched canvases

And last, but not least, what was my father carving????

It's a monkey! I think he's going to make a few more and hook them together (you know, like a barrel of monkeys!)


Anonymous said...

Hello Amy:
I have never commented on your blog before today--even though it is my favorite. (Truly, it is!)

Today when I saw your sister's purse I just had to tell you how absolutely cute it is. But, truth be told... it was your Dad's little carved monkey that really prompted this note. That monkey is the BEST!

Have a great weekend!

Saucy said...

That was a great post full of photos, Amy - but the monkey was the best! How completely cute!

a pink-bee said...

Love that monkey, is it a girl? (I guessed a lady:) )What neat things for your Silver Bella swap. :) Have a Happy Weekend!

Catherine Louise Brown said...

wow, ur sister is really telented, its a lovely design, i havent commented before but just wanted to say that I would love to get you in a swap as your stuff is sooo cool.
Citty Lou x

Funky Finds said...

i love everything you posted about...but i am ga-ga for the carved monkey. i want one!!!

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Your sister's creations are absolutely darling! They make me want to try knitting again. Maybe when the weather cools down and I feel like touching wool :)

Your inspirational treats are lovely. Sweet and cheery, esp your cool collages. That's one lucky recipient.

Even your Dad is talented! I guess it's a family trait.

LauraK said...

Well, I don't know about your partner but I am certainly inspired! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

wow, love the purse and cell holder, they are gorgeous!!.....but the monkey....I'm with everyone else- what a treasure! I can just see those linked together and hanging from the ceiling in a child's room!

Natascha Curi said...

Hello Amy!
I was looking for some scrapbooking blogs and I found yours.
I´m from Brasil and I just loved your work.
Hope we can get in thouch.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh! I love all this stuff! Your inspiration pack you created is fabulous Amy! Good stuff...I particularly love that collection fabrics with the pink buttons. Sweet! Your collages are just goregous too!

Oh and thanks for showing the finished carved project!