Tuesday, January 9, 2007

a little dream

I'm daydreaming today.

I'm imagining that we have a tiny little spot of land near a mountain lake. And on that tiny little spot of land, we have the tiniest little house.

We sit there, he in his chair, me in mine. We're each reading something wildly interesting. I'm sipping my hot tea from the cutest little cup. The ice tinkles in his sweating glass of soda. We turn pages at the same time, look up and exchange smiles.

Later we'll picnic outside, lazily enjoying a buffet of cheeses and pates, olives and pickles, fresh fruit and tiny cakes. I'll watch the clouds...did you see that elephant jump through the ringmaster's hoop? He'll work on a new cardtrick to dazzle me.

Birds and frogs serenade us. A fish jumps in the lake and makes a small splash. The bugs do not bite. The grass carpet is soft underneath and we don't bother with shoes. Flowers fragrance the air.

We are fabulously comfortable, happy to the core.

Isn't that the loveliest little dream?

These little houses are designed by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. You can purchase the plans and built it yourself. Or, if you live near them in Sebastopol, CA, you can have them build it and then transport it to you at the rate of $4/mile.


Anonymous said...

I was right there with you...if only for a moment. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is lovely, sounds just like a children's book! Sigh....

I know that you are a Northern Virginian like me...have you ever seen the place along 234, in between Manassas & 95, that has little houses, along with other wood creations? I don't know that they are large enough for grown-ups, but I am coveting one of those playhouses for my little girl!

Sarah and Jack said...

Those are the cutest little cottages!

Anonymous said...

Cutest little houses ever! Oh Amy, you paint such a lovely picture in my mind. What a nice way to start the day.

Anonymous said...

CUTE!! *sigh* It's tough living in Australia *grin* I found a furniture store that I am completely in love with, but they don't ship outside the continental US. Seriously thinking of hooking a friend up to receive the stuff then freight it on to me.

If you could please let me know how much the umbrellas would be with postage? ( mat2820b@aim.com )I'm in Darwin, Northern Territory. The postcode (zip) is 0830. I like the pink. (Pink is not a colour. It's an *attitude*)

Lena said...

Hmmm, and is there football anywhere in your dream? I've learned to incorporate it into any dream I have that includes Mr. Staggs this time of year! LOL!
Your dream is lovely Amy and so are these sweet little houses.
I enjoyed your NYC story and I'm glad that you are feeling better too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy

Your blog has been such a delight for me ever since I stumbled upon when surfing for something interesting to read. Well, I first came across a cupcake blog which then linked to some other craft blogs and somehow to you. Reading through your lovely blog and browsing through your wonderful little shop really helps while away the hours at work!

I thought that I should really leave you line or two (or maybe more) here instead of being the "phantom reader" that I usually am! Thanks Amy, keep up the quirky stories!


Anonymous said...

sweet little houses!...remind me of the pink playhouse we left behind, but also kind of like what I imagined for my sweet mountain holiday kids. let's go there and play! xoC

Anonymous said...

me want!!