Sunday, January 21, 2007


I've been cleaning and moving things around from one room to another and generally having a wonderful weekend. I can't show you what I've done because I accidently left my camera at my friend's house on Friday. I'm lost without it.

These photos are from the Flor website. It's a wonderful revolutionary idea in floorcovering. They offer square tiles of carpet backed with a repositionable adhesive. You purchase as many or as little as you'd like of any of the many choices of designs and colors.

I want to use them somewhere in the house. Maybe the best place would be to make two runners for either side of the island in the kitchen.

The real fun will come when I decide which tiles to get. I really like the look of mixing patterns and solids.

And I think each runner will cost less than $100. Fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Hey, that sounds like post-its for the floor! Fun!

Anonymous said...

My sister just installed Flor carpet tiles in her family room and it looks fabulous. Love the concept and the design. Can't wait to see how your's turn out!