Thursday, March 30, 2006

blog illustrated

I have a backlog of random and delightful things to show you. Instead of spreading it out over several posts, I'm going to spread it on thick in one long, illustrated message.

1. my new baby brother

Don't you love it? This sweet little toy sewing machine came in its own sweet little case. It cost me dearly but I'm not going to think of that. I'm just going to love it.

2. on the newstands

Looky whose teapot is featured on the pages of Budget Decorating! Mine!

And I'm listed in the Bridal Guide as a source for good bridesmaid's gifts. They tell about the pink chocolate shop boxes found at Inspire Company.

3. more fun things

I found this fabulous doll's trunk which is lined in the most delightful circus paper. The little doll dresser was a gift from my friend Stephanie. It is the perfect size and I adore it.

4. at last

The Cottage's Ann and Linda gave me this oh-so-fabulous dress form for my birthday. I've been searching for one just like this for years. I love it so much! At the moment she's all dolled up in pink. I bought the frilly hat at the same place that I got the circus-lined doll trunk. The scarf and necklace were birthday presents from Rich. I found the vintage straw purse on ebay. Isn't it darling?

5. my sweet friend Marjorie

These wonderful treasures are gifts from my very talented and so dear friend Marjorie. And you should see how she decorated the outside of the box. I'm so lucky to have her as a friend.

6. a trip to Londontown

Yesterday for a tiny escape from my hectic day, I ducked into The British Pantry for some delectables. How could I resist Mr. Kipling's Exceedingly Good Cakes French Fancies? How? With a billing like "Exceedingly good cakes"? I haven't tried the morning coffee biscuits. The tea is really good. On the package it says "Worth Paying a Little More For". Tee hee.

7. more gifts
I don't have a picture and it's such a shame but my best friend Debbie gave me the yummiest pajamas in hot pink toile. LOVE! I couldn't wait to put them on and then I couldn't bear to put them in the hamper so I wore them the next night too. :) And Debbie's Mom gave me such a sweet box full of loot...including an offer to stay at her beach house for a long weekend. Oh how I need that!

8. more birthdays
Tuesday was my niece Maggie's birthday. She's two. Here is my favorite picture of her taken last year with REAL chicks.

Last, but not least, my sister Jennifer turns 40 today. Lordy lordy, look who's forty! Isn't that what they say? Happy birthday, Jennifer! Can't wait to see you this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love all the photos you shared of the goodies you received lately. That sewing machine is darling. And so is the dress form.

I just love the British Pantry. I haven't been there since they moved some time ago. I'm longing to go back. Would love some scones and clotted cream!

Bonita Rose said...

love ur blog.. I posted about you tonite on my blog... so inpspiring....
love ur talent and ur creativity.. so lovin it all!

Anonymous said...

So many great things all in one post! Congrats on mentions in those magazines, love the dress form! Cute pic of your niece, wonderful gifties!