Monday, November 21, 2005

Turkey Day Countdown...

Monday finds me with a messy house, a 27-pound fresh turkey in my refrigerator, and a laundry list of things to do. I think I should play "I will survive" about a hundred times as I prepare for Thanksgiving Day.

On Thanksgiving Day 4 years ago, my sweet little nephew Seth was born. He came a whole month early (he was supposed to be a Christmas baby!) We celebrated his birthday this weekend with a party at the movie theatre. We saw Chicken Little. It would have been lame if I weren't sitting right next to squirmy Seth who seemed to love every bit of it (until the last 35 minutes when he kept telling his Dad that he was ready to go home!) My father who is a deaf as a doornail complained that the movie was so loud. Regardless, he fell asleep almost immediately. My mother said that it was the stupidest movie she'd ever seen. My sister Jessica laughed at all the funny made me laugh just to hear the things she laughed at. :)

I gave Seth this game...Elefun. He and Maggie had the best time catching butterflies...or as Maggie likes to call them "Hairbows".

I also gave Seth a snowglobe. I was contemplating buying it at the store...shaking up each of the assortment and playing their music when a little boy came up and asked in the sweetest little voice "Can you please show me that?" His mother yelled at him before I could show him but it did make me see how much little people would enjoy something like a musical snowglobe. A few times this weekend, Seth and I enjoyed a quiet moment gazing into the snowy world in the globe. My heart just melted with little Seth said "I wish I could be inside there!"


Angela said...

Good luck on your Thanksgiving Day preparations. I know that you will "Wow!" them all. May your day be lovely!


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, but everything will come together for a memorable day. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing that blog entry we talked about as we look toward Christmas!