Monday, November 14, 2005

big news!

Please forgive me for not blogging lately. I have been super busy preparing for the trunk show and then doing the trunk show.

Said trunk show was a wonderful success. I met some of my customers (which is such a joy to me!) and made many new friends. Oh and we had a tremendous time! Linda and Ann are so much fun to be around.

I need to show you pictures of the shop because my words cannot do justice. Since I don't have pictures (darn it!) I'll tell you. The Cottage feels like home. It has such a beautiful energy about it that is somehow exciting and calming at once. In every nook of the charming 18th century cottage there's a delight to behold.

They've taken an old green store dress form and have made her a bikini out of poinsettias. You've got to see it! I'll take pictures (I promise!) next time I'm there.

They have the most gorgeous bed linens that are all handmade with the sweetest fabrics ever. They have three iron beds all fluffed and puffed with these dreamy bed linens. If they let me I would have climbed up on one and drifted into sweet sleep just like little goldielocks.

Oh, and the lamps! They are beyond beyond! The lamp bases are all antique but are fitted with new handmade lampshades with the most gorgeous fabrics and festooned with pom-pom fringes and such. I look around at my ordinary lamps and think that I must have one of these new fancies.

I could go on and on...and I probably will soon...but I have got a stack of orders to get out today (Thank you!) so I'd better get busy with it.

p.s. Can you tell I'm excited?

post p.s. I forgot to tell you THE BIG NEWS! They've asked me to permanently sell some of my things at The Cottage. Am I a lucky girl or what???!


Angela said...

Horray for you Amy! I knew that you would be a be success! What no pictures? Please tell me you took some of your booth...?! The items that you described at The Cottage sound lucious! Congratulations again!


Waterfall said...

Yay for you, my friend!