Friday, June 17, 2005

oh my papa...

Here's a picture of my Daddy when he was a little boy. Do you see that joy? That joy is still found in his face, nearly 70 years after that photo was taken.

My father likes to watch baseball games this time of the year. In fact, I'm sure he's watching one right now. And if you ask my father which team he's rooting for, he's sure to tell you, as he's told me a thousand times, "I just like to watch a good game" That's how he is. He appreciates things like a baseball game for what they are. Oh, and he tells me lately that he likes to watch the rodeos. I don't even know what channel you turn to if you want to watch rodeos but I do know the answer if you ask him who it is that he's rooting for...the bull or the cowboy?

I love you, Daddy. Happy Father's Day!

p.s. the artwork around the photo was from my friend mo's digital scrapbooking doo dads. for more information, visit


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about your Dad. Mine just turned 77 and like yours, 'just wants to watch a good game'.
My Dad is alot more fun now - we can talk and joke about things too tender to face years ago.
I'm so lucky to still have him!

Waterfall said...

What a wonderful picture and tribute to your dad. He's such a fascinating man--hope you blog on him more in the future.

Mark said...

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