Thursday, June 9, 2005

I played hooky today...

I've been working really hard lately and decided to fly the coop for a little while. I went to one of my favorite places and boy did I find a lot of great things.

Looky! Looky!

I love everything but especially the little child's size suitcase. I use suitcases to house my projects that I'm working on (and I'm always working on lots at once). This way, I can pack everything back into the suitcase when I need to get it out of the way...and then I stack them and stash them all around my family room. This little one will be good for my smaller projects.

I also love the pastel frosted glasses. Don't they look like just the thing for a tall glass of sweet tea? Actually, they look like something you might sip a mint julep from! The teacups are just exquisite...and were a real bargain. And I'm a sucker for old photographs. Oh, and the hatbox! Isn't it fabulous? How could I resist? Let me just say, I was not in the mood to resist!

What do you think? Didn't I get some great things?


mo said...

hmmmm....i hope you plan to share!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of your "finds" (and clearly just catching up on your older entries!)

Relyn Lawson said...

You did get some wonderful finds. I long for a collection of old suitcases. I've never seen a blue one like that. I remember the one I had as a child. It was the 70s and it was flower splashed. The flowers were chocolate brown, orange, and yellow. Yikes! I wonder what ever happened to it.