Saturday, June 18, 2005


Last summer my niece Ashley visited with us for a whole month helping me out with my store. We had so much fun. Ashley was fond of country music so that's what we listened to as we put together orders. After she was gone I missed her a little so I kept the dial on that country music station. And, a year later, I never turned it. I know all of the songs now. They replay the same handful of songs all day long. My favorite song is Keith Urban's Making Memories of Us. When I get tired of the country tunes, I switch it over to cds which presently range from IZ Kamakawiwo'ole to Doris Day.

I awoke today thinking of Ashley, realizing that it had been a year since she was here. She's settling into life as an "adult"...she has a house and a boyfriend and this fall will start her senior year in college. It's hard to believe this sweet little girl who was going into kindergarten as I was going into college is now 21.


Waterfall said...

Look how grown up and beautiful she is. Wow. I think I told you, I still think of her every time I hear those Tom Petty songs you used to play for her.

Allie said...

Yeah for country music! It totally grows on you.