Friday, February 13, 2009

scenes from the morning

I'm getting ready to go pick up the 3 munchkins and I'm literally pacing the floor. I thought perhaps a better use of time would be to show you some scenes from my life this morning.

Look who arrived a little early for Valentine's Day...isn't he just as sweet as can be?

And I'm really into stuff in the kitchen with these two kitchen pixies. I feel a collection coming on.
I bought these from Anthropologie this fall...aren't they sweet?
My friend Debbie has been trying to get together with me for ages...since before Christmas! She finally gave up and shipped my Christmas gift. Oh my word, if it isn't the most lovely thing!
And look at this miniature painting she sent too. I have it in my kitchen window. It is precisely the kind of friendship we share. I love my friend!
And I decided to help cupid out a little by getting myself this little bunch of tulips.



Cassi said...

ooo the teapot -- so adorable! i hope you have a great weekend with the keiki.

karen m. said...

Good luck with your new adventure, Amy! Those kitchen pixies are hilarious, especially Mustard. Happy Valentine's Day!

julie & joe said...

I love the kitchen pixies. Did you see the article on them in Home Companion a while back?

Calamity Anne said...

You got the teapot!!! What a sweet hubby you've got!

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I want to be friends with Debbie!

Karen Beth said...

The Anthropologie shakers are so cute! I love them!

Alison said...

Aaahhh everything is so cute!

Sonya said...

Hello Sweet Amy! I am excited for you to go get those little ones and enjoy your weekend. The pixies are so CUTE! I would have scooped them up, whatever the cost. And the S&P shakers from awesome!
Hugs, Sonya

Bairbre Aine said...

Ahhh thank you for the wee photo tour of your morning.
Simply love the tea kettle, and pillow, (you have a kind friend indeed).
The wee painting has inspired me so.
I do believe I shall paint this weekend.
Hope you enjoy your 'love' weekend with the wee ones.

Annette D said...

Love that teapot and Debbie's gifts, but most of all I love hearing the excitement of your 3 musketeers coming for the weekend. Happy Valentine's Day!

Celia said...

What a cute kettle!!!!
Love it!

Kim Caldwell said...

So excited to be going on this new pink journey with you Miss Amy! I can hear the clicking of your heels in your post! Keep us posted on how that new recipe book sounds -- I think I need it too! Of course, if it came with a wonderful chef to make the meals that would be even better!!

Hugs, Kim

LivingInspired said...

I love how you finished the end of this entry! Life is good! Thank you!

Jen said...

Are the Three going to be more permanent that Baby, do you know? I'm sure Pinky will love her room. I adore your house. If I tried to do it, it would look dreadful. You make it look so easy :)

Relyn said...

I have the most wonderful "Life is Good" sticker on my car - sent to me by a friend. Don't you love their line of products? I do. Another thing I love is all your wonderful, cheerful, colorful pictures.

Carrie said...

What a cute tea pot.