Friday, February 6, 2009

a little more productive today...maybe

I can feel it already...I'm much more productive today.

About the great used/new car debate...I think Rich is winning. With a nasty review of the VW van in hand and the huge savings factor and a little dash of reality, I'm coming around to his way of thinking. If we get a used van, it'll probably be a Honda Odyssey...with leather seats. And since the cards are in my hand, I can probably swing the vote for heated seats and a navigation system. And I'm also going to insist that the car be detailed so that I can at the very least pretend that it really is a brand new car. Who knows...I may mist new car smell spray in there whenever I sit behind the wheel.

We head out today for my parents' 50th wedding celebration. I have a few errands to run today...things to pick up for decorating the party and that sort of thing.

My mom goes in for knee replacement surgery on Tuesday so I'm going to see if I can find anything like a bed jacket for her. I'm thinking that she may want to cover up a bit for receiving visitors.

Also on the to do list for today is to prep Pinky's room for painting. My back is really aching so I may have to save the really reachy areas for Rich to do on Sunday when we get back from my parents' house.

p.s. The elephant tea kettle? Yes. That's what I'd like for lovey dovey day. Won't it look sweet perched on the stovetop, at the ready for boiling water for tea? I think so too. Rich, click here my love.


Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

I love my Honda Odyssey! They are great minivans. But, yeah, push for the heated leather seats. ;-)

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Hi Amy! I have to agree with Rich on this one. MrPeachez bought a used Honda Pilot last year, from the Honda dealer and he got a really sweet deal. And it has all the extras (leather heated seats, navigation, etc) that we would never have purchased on a new vehicle. And let me tell ya, those heated leather seats are worth it!! xo, suzy

Amy said...

Oh my goodness gracious! I have been needing a new tea kettle and now I am turn between the duck and the pig. Whatever will I do?!!!

-Amy from Petaluma

Anonymous said...

Amy , Ilove the new room, your blog, and your devotion to your kids. I am a CASA(volunteer advocate for kids in foster care) and what you give your kids is priceless. They are definitly blessed to be in your home.
But, RE; the bed jacket. I got one for my mom a few years ago from Nordstroms. It was heavier, like a plush fleece robe but still just a bed jacket. I think between 60-70 dollars. If they still have them, it might work for you. Blessings on you and Rich.

lulusparkles said...

we have had two Odysseys and love them! great van,you will be happy with it

april said...

tea kettle is oh so cute!

Relyn said...

I see you got your teakettle wish. Way to go, Rich.