Saturday, May 3, 2008

who? me?

Today is our 11th anniversary. Our very favorite family from church took care of Baby for a few hours tonight while we went out for dinner. I can't say anything good about the meal itself (so I won't say anything but by not saying anything, I'm saying something, right?) but it was really so nice to have a date night and celebrate our wedding anniversary. Last year this time we were in San Francisco!

I bought this sweet dress from Target today without even trying it on. It looks so much sweeter than this Alice in Wonderland sweet. I wore it tonight.

After dinner, we went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a cd I'd special ordered. While there, we puttered around and I decided to look for the new Artful Blogging Magazine. I almost didn't see was hidden behind Woodworking Magazine. It's so great to leaf through and see so many familiar people featured among the pages of this incredible magazine. I was reading through Holly of Holly Doodle Designs feature right there at the periodicals section and I think a little scream might have escaped my lips when I read a whole paragraph attributing her blogging beginnings to little ol' me!

When people say nice things about me and my blogging I get this kind of awwww shucks feeling and get all bashful and silly. I wish I could be more gracious and outwardly appreciative. Lots of times people send me such really nice emails so full of thoughtful things and I'm too embarrassed or shy or silly to even reply. I should work on this I know. It's just amazing and a little unbelievable to me that people really do enjoy reading my random thoughts so much.

I want to say a special thank you to Holly for including that bit about me in her story. I feel so honored and special and, well, awww shucks!


Barbara H. said...

A very happy anniversary to you!

Cheryl said...

Happy Anniversary! And what a pretty "frock" you found to wear! I would have bought that right off the rack without trying on, as well!

I can't wait to find that magazine and read Holly's feature. Isn't she wonderful? I love, love, love her work, as well as....well, HER. And of course so many are inspired by you, Miss Amy! I know I am!

Have a lovely rest of the weekend....

hugs, cheryl

holly abston said...

Hi Amy, you're so sweet. I'm glad you liked the article, and I still remember staying up WAY too late reading all your archives! You were and remain such an INSPIRATION to me and so many others. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary and wish you a lifetime of happy anniversaries!

Lovie said...

I had never even considered blogging until I met you at The Cottage. I was so excited to meet you and as we chatted you said, "You should think about starting a blog, you have a lot of material". That was a little over a year ago and not only do I have a blog, I have a new and very dear friend named "Amy".
Thanks a bunch, girl friend! Do you have any idea what an encourager you are?

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary Amy!
I wish you and Rich many more years of happiness together!

rochambeau said...

Congratulation on having your biz for 11 years Amy! That is a big deal!
Glad you had date night. Love your dress very much!! I have one similar in black that I remade from the thrift store.

Have a great day!
Congrats to Holly too!

Saucy said...

Happy Anniversary to Amy and Rich!

Amy, I don't think you realize how many of us started blogging because of you, so thanks!

When you mentioned that this time last year you were in SF, why I'd almost forgotten that we were there on the same weekend. I only wish we had met up for a quick cup of tea.

Glad you had a nice evening out with your honey!

Secret Leaves said...

I love this dress. I have to confess: Target is my favorite clothing store.


holly abston said...

Hi Sweet Amy, I don't know if you got my email, but my site is right as rain now. Thank you so much for letting me know, I'm so sorry for the mess! We've switched hosting companies and have an even more secure site now. Thank you for saying such sweet things about me. xoxo holly

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Happy Anniversary my love, Jennifer