Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I didn't intend to go all vacation without checking in. Really, I didn't. In fact, I'd hoped to pop in each day to let you know what a fine time we were having.

The problem was that it wasn't as convenient as I'd hoped to get connected. I made the effort on day one, as you can see. But by day two, I was enjoying being unplugged. For the first time in years I went a whole week without checking my email, voicemail, blog, or anything else!

Amy, unplugged. What a notion!

I had a very wonderful time. Mostly I just hung out with my family and enjoyed being with Baby. He had a great time too. He loved the sand and the beach. In fact, he wanted to walk right into the ocean! Really!

I'm working hard on getting things ready for the next inspiredfriend and inspiredideas. Stay tuned for that to come on Sunday, June 1.

Oh, and Suzy sent over a couple more aprons and those too cute for words hankie cosmetic cases. Check it here.

Baby is throwing a little hissy fit. And I just got a whiff that let me know he's working on something in his diaper.

I missed you all. It's good to be back.


Maija said...

Welcome back! I happy you took the time to be uplugged to enjoy your family and Baby!

Saucy said...

It's hard to imagine you unplugged, Amy... after all the help you've given everyone else in the blog and tech arena, we picture you with an outlet in your cute quilted handbag or something!

louise said...

i'm so glad you had a lovely break but glad too that you are back. seeing your day one vacation post rang a bell for me and we took a mini one and went away for the night - better than nothing! so thank you for that, it was much needed! x