Monday, May 21, 2007

dinner tonight

I'll rub a little of the seasoning salt into the pork chops and pop them on the grill. While they cook, I'll make the rice. I'm indebted to Near East brand for their great rice. When the chops are nearly finished, I'll pop the veg. kabobs on the grill.

The kabobs are all put together. I found them in the fresh produce section of Whole Foods, with their chopped, diced, and otherwise prepped veggies. They were a big expensive ($2 each) but it'll mean dinner on the table quicker, with less mess.

Lots of folks have asked about the card graphic. It's from my friend Mo Jackson's Vintage Paper 8 set. Click here to visit Moland.

If you ever want to know how I make anything I fix for dinner, just give me a holla. I'll be happy to's all easy stuff.

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