Saturday, May 26, 2007

club little house...far away members

Daisy just reminded me that I needed to address a question concerning members of Club Little House outside of the U.S. It'll be the same price as domestic membership and you should be able to pay for it online here.

I just opened it up for another group to allow for those of you waiting for this question to be answered.

I also wanted to address those who've expressed trepidation after joining the group...please don't be afraid. This is going to be so much fun! You have plenty of time to make your little things so start dreaming up a wonderful plan, take your time, and, most importantly, have fun.

There are still lots of slots open so please join'll love it. I promise! And you don't have to own a dollhouse either...perhaps just a little box or a shelf dedicated as such. Definitely the main thing you need is a love for little things!


Anonymous said...

Amy - I love love love this swap! Thank you so much for organizing it! I have an idea for you for next summer...a parent child Club Little House. I just asked my kids, "Should I sign up for CLH again?" and they SCREAMED (they got to open the last box of goodness), "YES!!!!" I would love to do this sometime with my kids!
xo Corinne

Francie M. said...

Oh yes, the swaps are so much fun AND you will be amazed at the wonderful, creative little treasures you will receive! Plus the fun you will have creating something special yourself. I have been waiting sooo patiently for this to happen again :)
If you don't have a doll house the treasures will look beautiful in a small display cabinet or shelf as Amy says...don't miss out. Once you see all the treasures you will be so sorry if you did miss it.

a pink-bee said...

I am so happy :) I finally got in Club Little House! Decided what to make -oh it's good :) FUN FUN FUN. Thank-you, Amy :)

Melissa said...

Hi Amy,

I signed up but didn't receive an invitation to the forum? as I think it says on the sign up page... should I have?

and I was wondering if there was any theme this time?