Sunday, May 13, 2007

day 5: big sur, bittersweet brown

We drove out down the Pacific Highway, through Big Sur. It's fruitless to even try to show you photos of the experience. They just don't begin to give justice to the majesty we witnessed. Big looming mountains, looking soft and velvet-coated to the one side of us. On the other, sometimes far below, the ocean repeating its crashing waves with great power and dependable regularity. We were truly awestruck.

We returned to the hotel for a short nap followed by the bubbliest bubble bath I've ever had (about 3 feet of bubbles!)

Then we joined our new friends Kate and her daughter-in-law Jo for dinner. We had a wonderfully lively dinner conversation and a lot of fun getting to know each other.

Back at the hotel, we enjoyed an evening of jazz piano by the great Dick Whittington.

*Years ago when we bought suitcases for our honeymoon, the name of the luggage just happened to be Big Sur and the color Bittersweet Brown. The salesman kept saying "Big Sur, Bittersweet Brown". I don't know why this stayed with us but it has and all day when one of us said "Big Sur" the other would say "Bittersweet Brown".


jenny b harris said...

You're exactly right, there is no way to convey the wonder and majesty of that part of the world. Words and pictures just don't do the trick. Enjoy yourselves!

Miss Eagle said...

Back in the 80s I think it was, here in this Great South Land of Oz one of our fave writers who amused us heaps was Richard Brautigan who wrote The Confederate General from Big Sur.

So good to see it - as near as I'll get.

Blessing and bliss

Jen said...

How beautiful. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.