Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paper Alfredo

Meet Paper Alfredo...

Alfredo told his teacher all about making his paper twin yesterday at school. This morning, just before we left for school, he asked me to take a picture of him for his teacher. And then we cooked up a funny idea...wouldn't it be fun for each student to make one and, on April Fool's Day the paper versions of the students could sit at their desks. The teacher could call the principal or someone else into the class while all the children hide. Alfredo was so tickled with this idea that he couldn't wait to get to school to tell it to his teacher. 


Amy M. said...

Cute! I remember making something like this when I was in Kindergarten. I think my mom still has it!

Julie said...

Too, too cute! Great story ending. ;)

Here I am in my fifties, and I still remember the life size twins of ourselves we made in first grade.(Now why is it I can't remember things I did a minute ago?)

Great fun post!

Anonymous said...


I think the happy face he drew on his t-shirt is a great indictation of how he feels inside! You are raising a very happy boy, thanks to you & Rich.


Susan said...

My dgs has a class assignment to send a "flat Stanley" of themselves to two people. They have to entertain him and send him back to dgs with some souveniers. I cannot wait to receive my Stanley and take him golfing with me, go to the pool, shop for a new t shirt with our town logo, maybe visit with my dgs's cousins. Of course that means a photo album of his visit. I cannot wait for him to arrive.
Susan VH

Maria said...

So cute!
When my son was in Kindergarten (years ago!) the kids made "mini me's" for parent open house. They taped them in their chairs where they sat. It was fun watching the parents as they looked for their child.
And yes, I still have my son's...I love it!

gleestormont said...

gee whiz that little boy is adorable!