Thursday, February 7, 2013

a little bit of catching up...

I'm working on something super fun to share with you...I can't wait for you to see. (Tease above)

We had a little bout of the sniffles, first Alfredo and now me. Alfredo is back at school now but I adored those special days of pajamas all day and extra snuggles, a little nest of blankets on the sofa.

I'm holding onto all this gooey sweetness I can. Not just when he's sick but anytime he snuggles near or wants me to rock him...his babyness is fleeting.

He still has this adorable little voice, squeaky and high pitched. I'll have to record him soon so you can hear it too. It is the sweetest little voice and in it I can still hear quite a bit of baby in it (I'd never say so to him...he's a BIG boy!) I know he will grow up and, in time, lose that squeaky little voice. But until then, I'm going to cherish it.

He got his first official report card last week. He received almost all M's (the highest mark)...yay, Alfredo! But the one NI (needs improvement) that he received is in articulation. The teacher recommends speech therapy. I know it's important. Alfredo has always been such an excellent communicator, even before he had words. And even now, at 6, people often have a hard time understanding him. Over time, that could effect him, perhaps make him not want to express himself verbally.

I think his interuption of language (hearing mostly spanish as a young baby, then English with us his first year, then only Spanish for six months just as he was starting to use words, to only English again when he came back to us) has left its mark in his speech patterns. But I have to admit, part of me will miss his little lisp and the other things that will count as "errors". My baby is growing up.


Debby said...

I just love hearing you talk about Alfredo. So much love there. so many people only want to adopt babies. But they can still love a little person the same.
Don't worry about his speech. My son spent years in speech therapy and remedial reading because he never got phonics. In college he excelled. You honestly wouldn't believe we does now as an adult. Let's just say that he has one of the highest security clearances there is.
My sweet granddaughter (6)......and I have 6 grandchildren, has a memory that amazes us......speaks with a lisp.
Now, Alfredo would have to have some issues with switching back and forth. He will be fine. No need to worry. But accept the therapy. I think the speech therapy and the remedial reading helped my son in ways that I can't explain. It made him learnin a different way. I once was called into a conference in the 5th frade because he was an over acheiver. My husband was so mad he wouldn't go. The teachers were serious. So don't worry about him......he's going to do great.

Debby said...

Excuse my errors. My keypad is messing up and if I go to correct them my mouse quits working. Really.

Cherie Wilson said...

It's so fun to see your life and heart here Amy. Beautiful stuff!

Jen Kershner said...

My little one had to start speech therapy in kindergarten. She had difficulty with a few sounds but mostly it was her L's which she said as Y's. It broke my heart a little when she stopped saying "I yove you Mommy." but happily I have the sweet memories.

Can't wait to see more of your project.

sarah {findingabundance} said...

Ah, this post is so sweet - I feel the same way about my little guy, who is 4 and soon to turn 5. He too has some difficulty with articulation and we're starting speech therapy this week... and I have mixed feelings about it because I love the way he talks. It is so 'him'. It can't be forever, of course, but I cherish it now.
Can't wait to see what you're working on. said...

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