Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

We have a lot of catching up to do. I think you can search back my archives and see that at the first of every year I say something like "I can't believe Christmas is already over" so I will refrain from repeating that sentiment.

But I have a lot to show you. Above are darling glittery birds I bought at World Market and then dolled them up with a hat and scarf. If you hurry, you might be able to score them in the sale bin.

I added a quickly embroidered heart to a plain muslin bag and these made great little gifts for friends.

This year, lots of folks on our giving list got this:

An Ice Cream Sundae Party Kit!

I made batches and batches of butterscotch and hot fudge sauces (using the recipes here). I put them in adorable little pint jars using a coffee filter under the jar rim to make an adorable little jar skirt.

We packaged all sorts of toppings including chocolate chips, gummy bears, and sprinkles in little treat bags topped with patterned paper. I decided against labelling them all because they seemed easily identifiable and the paper looked so pretty.

I packaged them all in red gable boxes left over from Alfredo's birthday party last year.
It would have been nice if I'd shared this with you before Christmas, right? But this does make a great anytime gift.
Here's a funny picture I wanted to share with you:

We had a playdate and Alfredo's friend artfully arranged Alfredo's collection of Squinkies all around the house I made in Pam and Eileen's class. I just thought that was too adorable for words.

And now, I switch gears into planning Alfredo's 6th birthday party...

This year, Angry Birds!

Here are his invitations...40 of them, all carefully handmade. Aren't they fun?
p.s. Can you even believe that Alfredo is turning 6?!! What? Huh?


Debby said...

Happy Birthday Alfredo. My granddaughter had an Angry Birds birthday party last year.

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Jen Kershner said...

Your handmade Christmas gifts always wow me!

Lucy said...

Adorable! Happy New Year to you and your sweet family! :)

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