Wednesday, December 14, 2011

for life's little emergencies...

For the mommies on my gift list, I'm making little emergency kits. Initially, I thought I'd put them in something an Altoids tin. (like this and this and this) But I kept adding stuff and it soon outgrew the tin.

So I piled all the things together and measured and found a hinged acrylic box for about $1/each (but I had to buy 75). I probably could've found something cheaper but I really liked the idea of being able to see through the container.

I made the label using one of Pam's fun borders from her doodle bundle. The label says "no's little emergencies kit.  "When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a thousand reasons to smile." (a quote I found on Pinterest)

Here's what's inside...

  • tissues
  • dental flosser
  • candy
  • cough drop
  • matches
  • tiny scissors
  • shout stain wipes
  • nail file
  • 2 bandaids
  • birthday candles
  • wet wipes
  • sewing kit with needles, thread & button
  • q-tips
  • rubber bands
  • paper clips
  • bobby pins
  • ponytail holder
  • a small stack of papers
  • pencil
  • post-its
  • sunscreen
  • handwarmers
  • advil
  • chapstick
  • birthday card
  • pepto bismal
  • emergency chocolate
  • tiny wooden forks
  • dental pick
  • facial oil blotting papers (repackaged in glassine envelope-not shown)
  • a deodorant towelette (not shown)
  • a cocktail umbrella (just for fun)
Now I'm off to make about 20 of these!

If you wanted to make a tiny version, I think it would be pretty easy. You'd have to cut out the big packages and repackage stuff. Look at this one repackaged in a plastic cassette case. If you still have plastic cassette cases hanging around, that would be a great way to recycle them. And one really great hint she had was that a match could be lit using the emory board.

Or you know what? You could just buy a little emergency kit here...they did all the work for you. :)


AuntLou said...

Love this! :)

cathy@home said...

Lovely gift for any occasion

Shelly said...

So perfectly perfect! I think you've thought of it all. :) Oh, and remind me to have my next emergency with you nearby!!!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Super cool.... ^.^

Nita <3

m hoch drei said...

Great idea ! Fu├čnote you for sharing it.

m hoch drei said...

Ohhh.. I meant Thank you for sharing it. Silly autocorrection....

Just Sweet Love said...

so cute! now i want to make one when i'm on holiday :)

megan said...

Super great idea!

Ellen said...

I sewed about 25 snap pouches out of wool felt (thank you 50% off JoAnn coupon!) for my "Women's 911 Emergency Purse Kits" for my staff. Looking back I would've also included a couple of tampons and a small Aquaphor tube. I printed the following list with my gift. It took FOREVER to get it centered on my printed gift tags!

• PANTILINER (individually sealed)
• MOTRIN (packaged in a 2x3" resealable button bag also from JoAnns)
• SAFETY PINS (pinned 2 to a scrap rectangle of felt)
• EMERY BOARD (Dollar Store for 3)

Sean said...


Can I buy a few of these for you? Pretty please?

martha brown said...

I love this Amy! I've pinned it on pinterest so I remember to come back and make some :)
Happy new Year!