Friday, December 23, 2011

felt "paper" dolls

Here's what I'm finishing up about last minute! But I've actually been working on these, off and on (more off than on lately) since before Thanksgiving.

The idea is to make a paper doll from felt...the clothes just stick to the felt (the same way as a felt storyboard)

I used a Sizzix die for the paper doll, which made the job so easy! I embroidered a little face on each little girl and colored their cheeks with a bit of crayon.

I'm making 5 sets of these felt dolls for the little girls on our list...they'll each have a few changes of clothing, shoes, hairstyles. The hairstyles and dresses/shoes are separate dies. I found the dresses and shoes die on Etsy (the die has since been retired)

My friend Pam lent me the retired die to cut a cowboy hat and boots.

I glued each felt doll to a mattboard cutout of the same to give a bit of stability.

I'm going to package each set in a cigar box. If I have time, I'll make a little suitcase for each, using Eileen Hull's suitcase Sizzix die. But I'd better get back to work! Where are those elves when you need them?

Merry Christmas everyone!


Alice said...

How very clever! Of course my kids are all grown, but they would have loved something like this when they were young.

Have a Blessed Christmas.

Tracy Altieri said...

Love these! I used to spend hours playing with paper-dolls as a little girl.

Susan said...

If you don't have a Sizzix, there is a KwikSew pattern for felt dolls with all kinds of clothing pieces. The hardest part is cutting out the pattern pieces. After that it's a quick cinch to cut out any number of outfits and accessories-summer, winter, camping, beach, even a dog! Easy to do while watching TV. If you have to do it for 5 little girls, though, best to start early if you don't have a sizzix!

WW said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

so cute :3

Suz said...

Amy, you make me want to start the Christmas season all over. I just caught up with the last ten entries. I love sweet Alfredo and his secret room and gingerbread house. He gets cuter all the time!
Love and blessings,

Queen of Tides said...

Love these! I do hate when they discontinue wonderful products and patterns. I bought two of the cutest cloth doll and clothing patterns years ago, simple enough for even a beginner to make lots of dolls and cute clothes, but they discontinued the patterns and there is nothing as easy or as versatile out to replace them.