Wednesday, May 11, 2011

cue the hallelujah chorus...

inspired ideas: The Happy Birthday Issue
Online Magazine celebrating the crafty life. 

Buy it.

Make something.

Be happy.

Some stuff for you to know: 
$3.30 buys rights for you to view this magazine online   
Not viewable on an ipad (fingers crossed that this will change)   
Adobe Flashplayer required (most updated version)  
If it doesn't load correctly for you the first time, try reloading it   
Upon purchasing you will be redirected to your private link  
You should also receive an email with that link. If you don't receive that email, be extra sure to bookmark the link upon redirection. (or just email me and I'll send it to you)
    Thank you so much!


    Unknown said...

    Yipeee! I am so excited about this issue! Thanks so much for making me be a part of it!

    Sandy xoxo

    Susan said...

    Bought it. Looked at it! Love it! What a sweet, wonderful, FUN magazine! Can't wait to do some of the projects!

    Anonymous said...

    Love love love it!!! Just when I think life can't get any cuter... my favorite issue yet! Thanks so much!!

    Monica Fullerton

    radmegan said...

    I bought it. I loved it. Now you go take a wee vacation my dear :)

    eileen hull said...

    Amy, this is so very pretty- you did a beautiful job. So honored to have my work featured with all these amazing designers!

    mIzZ (hONeY) bEe aka Marlene said...

    Amy...the creativity, the colors and the projects are awesome ~ its like a mini "cELeBRaTiON" on each page...thank you soo much for letting me be a part of this issue... ;O)

    Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

    Ok, so you send me a link to go look at the magazine? I don't have to download anything? If so, how many megs is the download? I'm on a wireless 3G service so I have to check these things first {sigh}

    Thanks so much!
    Stephanie ♥

    fee @ chipper nelly said...

    so...I'm just about to leave a comment for Miss Koralee, something along the lines of "I only wish this mag was available in the UK, it looks super..." when my (tired) brain registers the word "online"!

    So, off I go to see if I too can download it and sure enough, for £2.07 I can avoid the housework even longer with a mighty good distraction!

    It does indeed look super - and such a good idea!
    Thank you kindly for sharing..fee ♥

    Heidi said...

    Amy! Delightful---every single page! Thank you for all your hard word and dedication to inspiring! I'm loving every project, some are already in the works! Thank you also for including my Paper Crown project!
    Hugs & Happy Day! ~Heidi said...

    I was rudely interupted when viewing and lost the link. Please please send me the link so I can finish viewing the fabulous magazine.

    Kathy said...

    Love it - how do I download it though? There are at least 3 things I want to do ASAP but I don't want to print, just pull it up when I want to do that project.



    Margie said...

    Just bought this fab magazine and can't stop drooling over all the gorgeous projects inside. Thanks you so much for a wonderful product at a very reasonable price. I love it!

    à la parisienne said...

    I just found your online magazine via Koralee. I am so excited to see this issue. I will be back to purchase when time is not so pressing.


    Judy said...

    Such a fab issue. I am loving it!
    Thank you!

    Anonymous said...

    As if just being Friday wasn't good enough. This was icing on the cake!

    janey jennings said...

    I know you can't be talking about me!
    Love you Amy!
    Janey A.K.A. Miss Fancypants

    carikraft said...

    Amy, it is just beautiful! Love it, love it, love it!!!

    Jacquie said...

    Can I print project pages from it if I buy it?

    Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

    Amy, it's just amazing! You have really outdone yourself and I love it all! Can't wait to do these projects!

    * Taci * said...

    New follower from Farm and Fru Fru :)
    I just purchased and glanced thru the new issue. I am so grateful to Sharon that I found you and I am loving it on both of yours sites!!

    Stephanie/Doojies said...

    Amy, This is such a fabulous magazine of which I have just purchased the current issue and many previous issues. You are genuinely so inspirational in all that you do including being a beautiful wife and mother. My heart is always filled when I check in with your blog and your magazine sends me running to my art room with paper flying in my wake! I hope you are having a wonderful birthday month and bless you and your sweet family. With love, Stephanie