Tuesday, May 31, 2011

hat making

When I was little, our school had an "Easter Parade" each year. Everyone made their own hat. The best was chosen, only one from all the grades in lower elementary, and the winner won free ice cream for a whole week! When you are 7 years old, that is like winning the lottery. At least it was in 1978. Maybe things have changed a bit.

Anyway, each year, I began planning my hat weeks in advance. My father would help me and together we would make the most incredible hats you've ever seen. I remember one in particular that started with a paper plate and finished up the most extravagant, beautiful hat you can imagine complete with a huge pink ostrich feather. It has always seemed like such an injustice that I never won the hat day prize. Not once.

So when I set about making a hat for Mary Engelbreit's birthday party this weekend, I tapped into my inner 7-year-old-self and created something of a masterpiece, worthy of a week of free ice cream for sure...

On Monday I'll have a Nutty Buddy...On Tuesday I'll have an Ice Cream Sandwich...On Wednesday I'll have an Orange Push-Up...


Becca said...

You deserve as much ice cream as you want. Your hat is just lovely!

Jill said...

((squeee!!!)) Oh my goodness, that is the cuuuuuutest!!

I would have liked to have seen more hats like that at the royal wedding. You could have worn it with a 1950's party dress and been the envy of all.


PS: Oh, and I agree w/Becca~ you deserve all the ice cream you want!

charlotte said...

fantastic- can't wait to see it in person! xoxo

miss lynn said...

soooooo perfectly amy!
i love it!
please, please
remember everything
from your weekend
with the queen of
so you can tell
us all about it!!!
have a wonderful time!!!

vivian said...

what a wonderful creation! you deserve ice cream for a month.. only I'm afraid thats a lot of calories! really.. that hat is adorable!!

Maija said...

Love it Amy! So delicious!!!

Unknown said...

That hat is yummydelicious!

koralee said...

This my friend is adorable...you amaze me with your talent. xoxo hugs

koralee said...

A question I forgot to ask you...can I buy a hard copy of the birthday issue yet? Love to you .xoxox

DIANA said...

Hello!i am Diana from Italy and i buyed tha last 2 magazine from you,they are wonderful!!i like them so much and they inspire me so much!!thanks and i have a question:can i save on my pc??because i don't know how..i hope you will help me,i am afraid to lost them...thanks again...and a lot of italian inspiration!!

Michaela! said...

All the ice cream you can eat!!!!! This hat is so cute!!!!! Way better than some that were spotted at the Kentucky derby! :-)

Mary engelbreit said...

If only Princess Beatrice had met you before the Royal Wedding, that hat-tragedy could have been avoided. Can't wait to see you and everybody else this Saturday!!

Amy M. said...

OH my goodness! HOw wonderful! What did you use for the base?

Crafting by Candlelight

Heidi said...

Absolutely darling! Very creative, but that is YOUR style!!! Cute cute cute!

Tracey Fisher said...

Wow Amy. So cute! Right down to the pink fork. By the way, my 12 and 14 year old girls would still think that ice cream for a week was like winning a lottery! Some things, thankfully, never change.

Rebecca said...

So fun! I had a Mad Hatter's Tea party for the girls in my wedding and gave each one a different hat (mostly straw) to decorate. It was a blast! Thinking back I should have given the winner ice cream instead of a gift basket . . . :) Do they still make those orange Push Ups??

Claire M. said...

Very artistic! thanks for sharing this.

Suz said...

Amy, That is just adorable. I am just concerned that we have no Orange Pushups in the house and now I want one for breakfast!

Anonymous said...

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