Thursday, November 4, 2010

inspired ideas flickr group

I'm so happy. All your nice words about the magazine just lift me up, way up, and make all that work worthwhile.

Last night, my sister Jennifer called and said she was so inspired after flipping through the magazine that she made Jerusalem's candy canes and Heather's chenille chain. Then she kept going, making tiny wreaths from pipe cleaners to attach to gifts. She was inspired by Swirly Designs ad to make polymer clay tags and have Maggie paint them. It was a bit of a craftapoolza over there at her house.

I hope you'll make lots of things from the magazine. My goal was that each reader will be inspired to make at least one thing from the magazine. I want you to say not just "oh what a cute idea" but "Oh! I must make that!" Right Now!"

What are you inspired to make?

If you make something from this issue, or the last, will you upload it to the Inspired Ideas Flickr Group?


Sonnie said...

Amy - omgosh, I feel like I hit the motherlode! What a AWESOME group of crafts to create! I can't wait to go to Michael's after work!! Thank you to everyone involved in these magazines.
The embroidered sampler in the first magazine....would you post the blog that appeared in please? I found it a long time ago and cannot find the link - aargh. I am SO happy [and amazed] to see it shown in your magazine. Again - GREAT work! Thanks - Sonnie

Sonnie said...

Amy....ok, I found your 39 Squares blog entry - YAY! I cannot believe YOU are the stitcher! Thanks - Sonnie

kelly said...

My VERY favorites are the Christmas tree apron and the vintage ornament wreath! I'm getting started this weekend!

Loved the whole thing and oohed and aahed all the way through!

... said...

It's not even Thanksgiving yet and I'm SO inspired to get the house in tip-top shape for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I should have had to pay to look at this, it is so wonderful. Thank you !!!! You're all a true inspiration.

When I click on the appendix nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong.

Blessings* DS

Jill said...

I'm so inspired to do so many of these projects. My faves are your little stitched trees, the gift garland, the burlap and lace door hanger, and... okay, I'm a bit excited. I will try to post photos on flickr as I complete them. It will be so fun to see everyone's take on these wonderful projects!

For My Rat Pigs said...

Where to begin! Love this!!!

Jenn L.

Cindy said...

Amy, the new issue is AMAZING!!!!! I am in awe just flipping through the incredible project after another! I can't name a favorite - they are all so spectacular - I wanna make them all! The ideas are soooo clever, and the photography is out of this world. I just love it!! Congrats on another incredible issue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy,

I jumped over from Suzanne's Pink Roses blog. Oh goodness! I hope nobody pinches me. Your "Inspired Ideas" is just THE BEST! I'm SO incredibly inspired! I love all the ideas! I too feel as if I should pay for this little book. Your generosity overwhelms me. Thank you for your kindness.

Anonymous said...

Is there a hard copy to buy. I want this in my hand to take to the stores, to put under my pillow and dream about!! What an amazing mag. I also feel like I should pay for this amazing craft ideas...The yo yo trees, OH my, all the preschool teachers are getting them. What great ideas....I have to space and pace myself, we have to do turkey's first, then Christmas!! You are amazing!

Laura said...

I love the magazine. First of all, I'm crazy for Christmas and start crafting and planning gifts in August! But now that the season is finally here, I'm even more in the swing of things. The muffin tin advent calendar is such a great idea and the first of many crafts I hope to borrow from this issue. Thanks for all the inspiration and ideas! So glad I came across your work!

Anonymous said...

I most certainly will...joining now! I blogged about this, it's amazing...thank you so much!

Jamie :)

Heather said...

I am such a goof...I actually got tears in my eyes when I read that your sister made my chenille garland! I LOVE it...Thank you again for including me in this wonderful project!

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Elyse said...

your layouts completely rock!

happiest congrats on another beautiful publication!