Monday, September 28, 2009

googly eyed pumpkins

Saturday was a dark and rainy day so we pretty much stayed put. In the afternoon, we decorated our pumpkins that we got at the pumpkin patch earlier in the week.
Just a little felt for the mouth and googly eyes stuck on with a bit of glue stick.
And a button nose for one of them.

Oh yeah, we're going to get our Halloween on around here.

In costume news, Zebah was so last Tuesday. For a few days straight, it's been Rhino. So I ordered the costume and it should be here this week. Maybe we'll put on a show for you.

The costume has just one horn and since we hear the Rhino Song about 10 times a day we know by heart that Rhinos have "2 big horns on the tip of the nose". Until we looked it up to discover that Indian Rhinos indeed have one horn, I thought I'd have to make another horn. I might still do that because I do think Rhinos look more Rhino-like and less unicornish with two.


Grace said...

cute pumpkins!! Oh little Boy is going to be the cutest Rhino! Grace

The French Bear said...

He is just the sweetest little boy!!!!! I am sure he will be cute no matter what he picks, if he can decide!!! he he, that's the hard part!
Margaret B

Sue said...

My Goodness.....I was so surprised he gave up zebah. He seemed pretty set with it for himself on the video, heehe! I feel so bad I never sent the animal cards I had planned. I could not FIND them....They turned up this week and I will get them mailed soon. If he already has this set, he can cut them up for projects!

Suz said...

I thought it was Zebah for sure! Does he give equal enthusiasm to Rhino? What a sweetie! I looked at his face today, and then at the picture of the two of you together and he has grown up so much!

I love what you did with the age-appropriate and what great results for him. He must feel such great sense of accomplishment here! (Slipping into an old role)

Hope your bil continues to recover. My day has been so crazy but I am going to work to honor it, knowing that this isn't forever.

On that strange note...big hugs!

Kathy said...

A rhino for Halloween?! I love it. He's such a little doll and I'm so happy that all of you are so happy!! It's great to see the fun you're having. Cheers - Kathy in Chicago

Unknown said...

He is just adorable and will be even more so dressed as a rhino! Cant wait to see the pics...


Amy M. said...

Now you've got the Rhino song stuck in my head!!!!

MR. RHIIIIIIINO! Everybody knows...

Crafting by Candlelight

Katie said...

He'll be the sweetest little rhino ever! Can't wait to see him in costume. I love your posts about your boy. My 'boy' is going to be 1/4 century old just before halloween. I remember the year he was dressed as a lepruchan for Halloween. Where has the time gone?

Whosyergurl said...

adorable little punkins! You HAVE to let us see him in his costume!
hugs to both of you,
Cheryl in IN

Michelle said...

Yeah Halloween! My little guy has the same shirt! Love you Target!

Cassandra said...

What wonderful photos! How fun! I can't wait until I can do crafts with my little one!

Thanks for sharing!

The Happy Chappys said...

Dear Amy,

Those Pumpkins are so cute and so is
Alfredo!Hope have a great day.I hope we can see you sometime soon!

-Chloe Chapman

natalea said...

all I have to say is little A is so freaking adorable!

Employment Australia said...

He is so adorable. What a cutie! He surely loves the pumpkin.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Adorable pumpkin and adorable model - what a cutie!
So fun to actually see our favorite rug (the spotty one in our playroom) in someone else's house (blog)!!
Hooray for rainbows and crafty fun!