Monday, September 29, 2008

allelujahs and tidying up

I got up this morning before the sun, determined to tidy up before my cleaning angel arrives. If I don't, she will just dust my piles of clutter.

I'm feeling very strong at times. I heard a radio program over the weekend on NPR about how important vocabulary building is for a child of Baby's age. It made me feel very happy about this very tangible gift we've given him.

At church on Sunday I broke down in the middle of singing the allelujahs, just imagining his sweet voice belting it out along with us. We went to church in Petaluma the last time we visited and I was a little disappointed to note that they sang a different version, and almost no one sang along.

While Rich watched his Redskins beat Dallas, which is just about the best thing that could happen to help Rich feel better, I searched for some new family room furniture. When we first started talking about replacing these dingy, saggy old sofas, which have aged significantly with sticky fingers and leaky sippy cups, I asked Rich how much we should budget for such an update. When he answered $1000, I knew I had my work cut out for me.

I really like this fun upholstery, and I'm thinking that I should try to combine greyish french blue with red to go with the bookcases and tv cabinet.

And I think I like the contrasting welting and buttons in this version:

Both by Rowe Furniture.

I have lots of work to do to get the next update ready for you on Wednesday. I can't wait to share it all with you...I just hope I can get it together in time! Meanwhile, just another quick swig of coffee and then it's more picking up before Judit arrives to clean.


Saucy said...

Those choices are both gleeful and from what you've shown us of your abode they would look lovely. What a striking colour combo! Very YOU, Amy.

Jo said...

Ooh I like those too! I love the blue piping on the second one!
Can't wait to see it "in situe"!

Anonymous said...

Oh absolutely the one with the welting. It just makes the couch :-) Have fun redoing the room, keep smiling a bit more each day.

Jerusalem said...

love, love the couch!

karen said...

I love that you are cleaning up for your cleaning help!!! I do too

Bristol said...

Amy- I love the second one, love the detail~
Hope the start to your week is good.

Debra said...

hang in there Amy. the gift you have given is imeasurable. truely an example of Christ like love. I first began reading your blog as you were making preparations for "baby" to give such love expecting nothing in return is the truest love. I am the mother of six daughters and you have blessed me imensely. I have 2 friends who foster and know I could NOT do it. peace be to you . Debra

Little Pink Studio said...

I've been sofa shopping for what feels like months now! The only thing I have come up with is that I will have to start searching somewhere other than Knoxville TN. I think there must only be 2 furniture buyers for all of the stores here! Yuck.
Best wishes for finding a new one!

kathy with a k said...

Fabulous couch!! love the fabric.

Thinking of you and baby. Great gift you've given/been to each other.