Saturday, February 3, 2007

milkmen and scrubbing floors

Why did the milkman disappear? Why?

Do you know how much I'd love to have milk delivered? A gift of dairy products left on my doorstep on a regular basis?

This was my thought as I poured expensive European yogurt from the milk bottle-like container. And, yes, I did buy it precisely for the container. It's been in my fridge for a week or so unopened. This morning I misread the use by date and nearly, horror of horrors, threw it out! Instead I stirred in a little milk and made it a delicious breakfast drink that I'm sipping with a straw. It's very good, indeed.

Today, I am cleaning the wood floors. It's a daunting task, one that leaves my knees and back aching.

Ever since I read in Cheryl Mendelson's Home Comforts book the correct way to clean a wood floor, I've prescribed to her method. Here's what you do: Fill two plastic wash basins with warm water. Add Murphy's Oil Soap to one, leave the other clear for rinsing water. You'll need at least three different microfibre cloths. Also put a clean cloth under each of the wash basins so that you can slide them with you as you work. Douse one cloth in the soapy water. Ring it until it is just barely damp. Work in small, manageable areas (about 3" x 3") and use a circular motion. Return the soapy cloth to the soapy water. Douse another cloth into the clear rinsing water, ring it until just damp, and wash the same area. With another towel, dry the area you just cleaned. Move to the next area.

The author said in her book that, since you could never ask a housekeeper to clean your floor in such a way, you have to get used to cleaning it yourself. I don't have a housekeeper. All I have is Rich who usually follows behind me with the drying towel. Not today though.

After the floors, I'm going to clean my studio and office. And then, if there's time, I'll work on some projects. Including my item for the Free People Valentine Swap.

Hey, check out Ann's funny post about our adventures on our buying trip.


Sarah and Jack said...

Oh, not to rub it in, but here we have a company called Oberweiss, and not only does the milk still come in glass bottles, but they deliver!

Anonymous said...

Did you know they still have a milkman is other countries. I found that out last year from a blogging friend. I want my milk deliveried too!!!

amy rue said...

_Home Comforts_ is one of my top favorite books of all time!

Have fun with those floors! When I clean my floors like that I tell my family that "I'm playing Cinderella today".

Cleaning proper has a romance all it's own.

-Amy Rue

Anonymous said...

I think we need a revival of the milkman too!! Like you, I too, would buy that product for the container alone. kindred spirits!!

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Amy, here in the Northwest we have Schwanns and Smith Dairies - both deliver to your door! It is very old fashioned.

Question: In Ann's post, is she the gal with the spunky short hair in the photo? If so, that is amazing - she looks EXACTLY like someone I know, who is ALSO named Ann! (They say we all have a double - but with the same name?!!!!)The trip sounds like a true adventure - and I LOVE her description of your attire. I can picture it!

What fun....

kate said...

We hav a milkman in our town! :)

I am INSPIRED to clean my OLD wood floors- but no time this week- maybe next Saturday- thanks for the tips..I will wring those cloths and scrub!

Gypsy Purple said...

No milkman in South Africa as well!!

Best of luck with your cleaning spree and the projects


Anonymous said...

No milkman in France! We do not even have cows in the south of France (okay maybe a few, but dairy farms are up north!) and wooden floors...nope, most floors are made of tiles!!

Anonymous said...

We haven't had the milkman in Sydney for years either...that yoghurt looks delicious and I think I would buy it just for the bottle too!

Anonymous said...

I love the wire frame for the yoghurts! Yes, we have milkmen here in the UK, they are so sweet most of the time driving round the neighbourhood in their electric powered-carts. Yeesh, you have to do all that to clean wooden flooring? sticking to carpets for now.

Anonymous said...

Kroger grocery stores sell milk in bottles (not that size - but gallon sized glass bottles of every kind...) :)

Brooke in Richmond, VA.