Saturday, October 21, 2006

shout out

Shout out to Stephanie!

Stephanie is my friend Linda's oldest and dearest friend. Stephanie (whom I've never met but whose reputation proceeds should hear some of the funny stories!) started reading my blog this summer and she seems to be hooked. I think of her often, just like so many others who are connected to me through this blog.

It can be overwhelming to think of what an audience I have. My secret though is to pretend that I'm just talking to one of you at a time. Whether it be Linda's Stephanie, or any one of the others that are out there, listening, what I mean to say is thank you. Thank you, too, for your very kind and reassuring words the other day. I think that I should print out each comment and fill a cookie jar with it. Then if I have a blue day and need to be boistered by your love, I can pluck one out and get on with this wonderful life.


clarice said...

Well Amy I want to thank you for your blog. It really is a bright spot in my day !!!!! Clarice

Anonymous said...

What a doll! Thanks bunches Amy! You make everyday more fun! Never ever change! your blog is such a treat!

xoxo Jenny

Anonymous said...

Hi! I redirected myself from Paula's blog. So glad that you are into the little things of life because I, at 64, have found that life is made up of far more little things than big ones and I find great excitement in each one. Some examples: the way sunlight coming through our stained glass window projected a green glow on our fireplace, the "I love you Grandma Judy!" from a grandchild, a beautiful Arizona fall sunset. People with nasty commonets should keep them to themselves. It just shows me that they have some serious problems with enjoying life! Please continue to enjoy each little is short!

Anonymous said...

Amy you were the first blog I read that introduced me to a world I didn't know existed...and now I have my own blog, I love it! Don't ever stop sharing the little things in your life with us, we are richer for it:-) It's the little things in life that bless the most. Nel

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I have to agree with all the wonderful comments that I've read here. You (through Mo) introduced me to the blogging world and so many new things. You've made me look at beauty in so many things as have many of your bloggin' friends. I still haven't taken the blogging plunge (probably because I'm afraid I couldn't do it as well as you and your friends) but I can tell you that I've enjoyed getting to know you through the words and photos that you've shared with us and you are a sweet, sweet, wonderful person! Thank YOU for enriching my life with your joy of the little things!!!