Thursday, August 3, 2006

hail to the redskins

Something so unbelievably cute happens this time of the year, every year.

My sweet Rich has been a Redskins fan, devoted and as true as they come, since he was a tiny little boy. Every year, and especially since the best ever coach is back on board, starting in the Spring when they are talking about changing team players around and culminating now with training camp, Rich and all of the other cute Redskins fans are getting so excited, dreaming of making the playoffs and maybe even going all the way to the big game. Oh, they are all so hopeful. I just love it.

Now, you might have guessed, I don't know an awful lot about football. I am always saying the wrong words like commenting on their costumes and saying that the quarterback got bagged (instead of sacked). I tried early in our relationship to learn more about the sport since it's just so important to my lovey. I do know more about it now but mostly just from it being on the television every single Sunday all autumn long.

By tomorrow, the heat is due to break. And since it will be a little more comfortable out, we are planning to join thousands of other fans to witness a bit of the training camp. I'm a little excited. I think I'll pack a picnic of snacks. It will be fun to spend the morning with Rich, being a part of his favorite sport and his favorite team.

Maybe I should try to learn all of the words of the fight song.


Diane Duda said...

My husband and oldest son are also "major" Redskin fans. Me and the other two boys love the Steelers, but we "minor" in the 'skins. My husband and I went to Redskins training camp once when we were much younger and have fond memories of it. Have fun and try to keep cool!

Lisa said...

Totally unrelated to football, but I just wanted to say that I was so tickled to see your ad in the June issue of Romantic Homes. I don't normally get that magazine but my sisterinlaw sent it and there you were. :)

I am a big Inspire fan.

Saucy said...

My hubby is the world's biggest Packers fan, so it is all green and gold and cheese in this house. Somewhat unfortunately for me we have an entire room devoted to the cheeseheads but at least using a muted green and pale mustard you can decorate with Packers colours nicely. When a man loves a sports team, it is always easy to find nice Christmas and birthday gifts for him!

Anonymous said...

My hubby and I LOVE the Redskins. In fact, our entire family are fans. We are eagerly awaiting for football season to start, but in the meantime, we'll indulge our passion for the team by watching the pre-season games!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are also lucky enough to have the most awesome (and handsome) quarterback in the league....I'm a huge Mark Brunell fan (I wish Jax still had him!)

Tiffany said...

okay so i know nothing about football, but your little redskin guy picture cracked me up because my brother had a lamp made out of a ceramic football player, just like yours! it's so surprising because i've never seen another one like it! somewhere the lamp still exists (in the attic maybe).


Unknown said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the Redskins. I've loved the Redskins all my life. I'm also suprised about your ceramic guy. I have one that's painted differently. It's painted like John Riggens with a 44 on his chest. I've never seen any other ceramic figures like it until now. I've seached the internet for any info on it and found nothing. Do you know anything about them?