Tuesday, February 21, 2006

coffee cake

This coffee cake
is the best ever! I picked it up yesterday at the grocery store on a whim. We had a piece each last night after dinner and it was pure heaven. I can't wait to have a slice with my coffee this morning.

After we overstuffed ourselves with dinner and then this cake last night, my father, Rich and I went for a stroll around the neighborhood. When we were almost home, my father spotted a chair at the curb that a neighbor was throwing away. It was at this moment that I realized I am very much like Hyancinth Bucket (I know, I'm mentioning her a lot lately). I told my father that if he had to take the chair that I wanted him to drive his van there (two doors down) to pick it up. I told him that I didn't want any of my neighbors to see him carrying it up the street to my house. Poor Daddy. He didn't go back to get it.

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