Friday, February 10, 2006

be mine

I just talked to my sweet nephew Seth on the phone this morning. He was so happy and loud and out of breath...I love it when he gets that way. What he was so excited about was that today he hands out his Valentine bags at school. What's inside his Valentine bag? A bouncy ball, a card, candy, and a packet of kool-aid. Yes, that's right...kool-aid. :)

And here's the cutest part...when I asked him how he was going to carry all of the bags HE gets home, he got even more excited. It hadn't occured to him that he'd be getting any bags. The cute little guy was bursting with excitement when I told him that I thought all of his classmates would give him bags as well.

He's going to call me when he gets home from school to tell me about all the goodies HE gets and to tell me how much his friends liked his bags.

Here's the sweet lesson from that four-year-old Seth today...LOVE giving more than you love receiving. Delight in knowing that you will make someone happy...and it doesn't have to be much, goodness knows. Let's all spread cheer and love and kindness today (and kool-aid if ya got it).


Anonymous said...

What a sweet entry - thank you for sharing it. Little ones really seem to know what is important in life - love, kindness and laughter. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

They get Valentine's bags now??? We got little cards that were slipped into decorated brown lunch bags. It was such a thrill to have your own little "mailbox" (bag) taped to your desk & have kids slip in those little envies!

Anonymous said...

how cute is he!!?!?! Love that!! P.S. Cherry Kook-Aid is da best!