Tuesday, October 4, 2005

tiny tea cups

These tea cups are tiny (they are really demitasse cups!) Imagine how cute these would be with little votive candles popped right in! Instant gifts! Or put a tiny bit of waterlogged oasis in the cup and fill it with an arrangement of teeny flowers...for an extra fun touch, create a little tea tag gift card to dangle out of the cup. Another idea is to put a gift in a pouch made from a lacy handkerchief tied with a ribbon and put in the cup. It would have to be a small gift, like a charm or a ring. Or how about an invitation to tea for two at the Ritz?

These cups are just too cute...the cup is only about 2 inches tall so think small!

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1 comment:

Arabella said...

awesome! first comment i have 2 tea cup thats about 1 half of a centimeter and a teapot that is an inch long1so tiny!